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84% of women report having a hormone imbalance!

Are you one?


Most people find themselves on my page because they googled a hormone issue

(menopause. PCOS, Endometriosis, infertility, weight issue etc).

Some of you have seen a YOUTUBE clip, a TV interview or FB post...

Others of you might have been suggested to check out my webpage from a friend.

However you got here doesn't matter!


Now you are here, all I want to do is help you out and make sure your curiosity and needs are satisfied.

My website is a hub of services that I offer, blogs and education, a shop, info about my mentoring programs

And inspiring information about my retreats (BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE RETREATS TAB) x


BY FAR  the most popular pages on this website are:

  1. My blog on menopause
  2. My downloadable 24/7 best selling book on high testosterone in women
  3. My invitation to join me on a retreat

People spend hours on my website and add it to their favourites.

I have so much content from 16 years of writing, blogging, filming and

continue to add daily.


What ever you are here for, I hope you find it.

I am a happiness and health coach first, and my purpose on

the planet is to help beautiful people such as yourself find their

TRUE purpose, their calm, their truth, their natural smile.

Connect on face book  ,n download my free video and quiz on hormones,

And if you need something else I haven't covered here, connect

through the Contact Tab.


Sam Beau Patrick, The Health Queen is an expert in health and a person that every one would benefit from meeting. I met her last Wednesday and she is amazing, famous Australia wide, we are lucky to have her close and handy here on the Gold Coast.
Janelle Mitchell
Thanks Sam, really loved your presentation on Saturday.
Donna, Step Into Life
Thanks for that great talk on Saturday. Everybody was raving about it the next day.
Brett, Step Into Life

sam beau patrick

A little bit about me...

Thanks for trusting me with your health. Just a little bit about me so you know where I come from.

I have a nursing and pharmaceutical back ground and for the last 14 years I have had my own natural medicine clinic based on the Gold Coast.

In 2009 I wrote a book about women and their hormones after I discovered I had very high male hormone (testosterone) and suffered a hormone breakdown. That book has been a best seller and I have been interviewed on National TV over eight times with the information.

I have also appeared on the news, on current affairs, on talk back shows and feature regularly in newspapers and was put forward to appear on Oprah in her tour in 2010.

Now I am considered the go-to person on women’s health and hormones and I would like to share some of the information I have discovered over the years with you.

My speciality areas are hormones, menopause, weight loss and menopause, and helping people have babies.

I am really looking forward to helping you with your needs.