Product Description

To order more Metagenics supplements you simply need to do one of the following:

1. Email me with your request and I will set you up with an on-line account so you can order direct


2. Call Metagenics 1800 777 648 (Australia) and ask to set up a " patient ordering account".

They will ask if you are the practitioner or patient. You say you are the patient, then they will ask for my practitioner number.

The number to give is 40585x.

Then they will ask what you would like to order, how you would like to pay etc and deliver to your door.
It's a very use-friendly system. A little scary at first but you will get the swing of it.

Any issues please send me an email:

Thank-you, Sam

PS Stay on the products I recommend - they are practitioner products so have very high quality control
PSS Let me know if you start any other supplements so I can monitor for interactions etc
PSSS Remember that whilst some health food shops may offer a discount, it is because they often bump the price above the RRP in the first place.