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I've heared about Sam from a friend and mum from school, as I had some issues with my health and wasn't very happy with a naturopath that I was seeing before. Not only we resolved those issues, but I also met wonderful person, who is very passionate about our planet, about food, family and kids and women's health, art....and the list goes on. Later I went on one of Sam's health retreats in Bali, and had the time of my life!!! Just what I needed at the time! So thankful that I crossed paths with Sammy. She is inspirational and passionate as well as she is not afraid to show her soft side. She is the real deal I must say! Thanks Sammy for the inspiration and keep doing what you doing as you are changing the world.
Romana Milovanović
I had undiagnosed PCOS for years. When finally diagnosed Dr’s suggested to get the cists removed with laser. I didn’t feel comfortable with this and my mother had suggested I talk with Sam. I was living in WA at the time and Sam was more then happy to skype with me to get down to the bottom of my health issues. A saliva test, a few Skype sessions down, medication and a change of diet in the first week I knew I was on the road to recovery. It didn’t stop there, Sam has monitored me for both pregnancies and even the kids and hubby are clients. Sam has changed our life, 100%. I care more about what goes into my body, my lifestyle choices and focusing on the simple things in life. Sam genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing she will go above and beyond to help you on a healthier path. She is friendly, kind, loyal, cares more for our health and the planet then any person I have ever met, and boy oh boy she knows her stuff! I’m so thankful I met you Sam and thank you for all that you do. Xox
Hollie Mariconte
A suggestion by a friend some 7 years ago (I think), when I was severely struggling with headaches, mood swings, and a list of other complaints, saw me first go to see Sam. The first thing that struck me was that Sam REALLY listened to what I was saying, and understood where I was at. With her passion and expertise, and my resolve to turn my life around, the journey back began. With herbal supplements and direction from Sam, the mental and physical improvements were just huge. Over the years Sam has continued to help me with different health issues that have arisen, one of the latest being Menopause (due to needed surgery) just over 12 months ago. From the first few months of all the horrible symptoms of Menopause, I can now say that without any supplements (or drugs), for some time I have not suffered from any night sweats, or hot flushes, and rarely have any mood swings. Sam's knowledge of both the medical and Naturopathy fields, along with her strong mentoring skills, creates one very formidable person to turn to for assistance, or just to inspire you to be the best person you can be. Her passion of helping and guiding people just continues to grow.
Michelle Henkel
Sam is the first person I turn to when I require help, as a long term friend & mentor.
I’m a fitness professional, doing my best to improve lives.
Whenever I require guidance, a question answered or just some friendly advice, Sam is there for me.
My business would not be where it is, & I would not have the knowledge & confidence without Sam’s help, she is my absolute go to.
Sam is changing lives, if you need your’s changed, improved or if nothing else has worked, this is the person you must see.
Melanie McKenzie
When I met Sam I was in a world of trouble with my gut health. I had been through half a dozen doctors and about that many misdiagnosis of what was going wrong. I finally found a doctor who found parasites in my system and instead of being pumped with several courses of antibiotics I sought sams help. Sam helped me get my body back on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sam then found I had major food intolerances and sensitivities that explained issues as far back as to when I was a child. Sam also found I had a major hormone imbalance due to my oral contraceptive, which was having a real big effect on my mental state and affecting my life more than I knew and she helped me get off of it. Which I can gladly say changed my life. Sam is an amazing, positive and inspiring woman and I'm so glad our paths crossed and forever thankful the universe brought me to her.
Rachael Appleyard
I first saw Sam a few years ago when I was broken. I had debilitating mood swings and PMS, PCOS, very irregular periods, fluid retention, bloating, swinging between constipation and diarrhea and I was 25 kg heavier. I had been to doctors more times than I can count getting blood test after blood test as I was so exhausted and I knew all of these symptoms meant something was wrong. Every result came back normal. Sam knew what was wrong straight away, she did the tests just to confirm it and she found my hormones were all out of whack and could explain every one of my symptoms. She gave me some supplements that I only had to take for a short time and dietary and lifestyle advice and within a few weeks I had something that no one had ever given me... Hope that I would be well again. I improved so quickly and I no longer suffer with any of those symptoms anymore. My quality of life has dramatically improved. I will be forever grateful for how much Sam changed my life. I am now healthy and happy and I know I always will be. Thanks so much Sam. You really are an amazing healer ❤
Kelly McNamara
I have known Sammy for over 6 years. I first met her when she supported/mentored/guided me out of a major health crisis (adrenal fatigue). She helped me immensely through this time and without her I don’t know where I would be today. With a change of career together with natural supplements and Sammy’s guidance I got my life back on track. She has shown me a better way of living. Words can’t really describe my admiration for this wonderful person/professional/mother/mentor/life coach and I can also say my friend. Thank you Sammy, you are my Health Guru, my Health Queen xo
Julz Dalmedo
Sam has been assisting people to better health globally for many years. Sammy is highly skilled and very passionate about working with people to improve their quality of life
Maria Healy
I had been going to doctors for years trying to find out why I just didn't quite feel right... Sam Beau Patrick found out in the first session what was happening to my body and we worked together to get it right... .Thank you for your amazing support and knowledge.
Kristy Prideaux Howell
I've only just started working with Sam and know I'm on the right path. Sick of the widespread apathy amongst the general medical community I was lost and had no support cracking from the inside out. I've found the right help and super woman! We need more Sam's in our life.
Tori Smedley
Amazing naturopath and person. Extremely knowledgeable and has helped myself and family enormously over the last few years especially in the area of menapause. Highly recommend Sam to anyone who is interested or needs a more holistic approach to health and wellness.
Robyn Slade
Sam is inspirational. My family met Sam 14 years ago, she has guided us through many health issues and helped us in a professional yet caring atmosphere. Highly recommend.
Elena Klasev Galevski
Sam Beau Patrick, The Health Queen is an expert in health and a person that every one would benefit from meeting. I met her last Wednesday and she is amazing, famous Australia wide, we are lucky to have her close and handy here on the Gold Coast.
Janelle Mitchell