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MTHFR positive having more reactions to mRNAs

IT's early days and of course any research in this area is not being supported. WE have noticed an correlation with MTHFR positive people experiencing adverse reactions to the mRNA drugs.
Sam infront of Community Essentially Cooly

Essentially Cooly

Coolangatta is the place I live and love. Business has been majorly affected by border lockdowns and interstate requirements. This is the ad I made with production company Shaggadelic Productions and support...

Critical Thinking

Writing in a time when goal posts of our society are changing rapidly and daily. I believe many are hanging on for the unpleasant rollercoaster wondering when it will end. From talking...

5 Day Hormone Challenge Resources

Thank you for joining me with my 5 day hormone challenge. These are the two programs on offer. Select which one suits your needs best and email me if you have any...

Essentially Cooly Campaign This is the step by step, day by day process to create a campaign that rescued a community On 9th August the QLD premier closed the border to NSW...
Burn out Channel 9

Five Weight LOSS Tips

Weight Loss Tips Below is a face book recording I did on five weight loss strategies. It is the latest and most cutting edge information you will find on the topic. Otherwise...

Poly Cystic Ovaries & Endometriosis Latest

Poly Cystic Ovaries and Endometriosis are two very common conditions affecting otherwise "healthy" women. In this 30 minute clip I discuss: Common symptoms of PCO and EndometriosisHow they are diagnosedCommon hormone imbalances...
For years I have been encouraging proactive health rather than people reacting to illness. Green vegetables is the way to protect yourself from many of life's diseases especially reproductive cancers

Green is the new Pink

Protect yourself from breast cancer Green is the new pink - Sam Beau Patrick 2012 For years I have been teaching people the power of running towards better health rather than crawling...