Things You Need to Know Before Having a Botox Injection

Despite the fact that several skincare products and cosmetic procedures are popular in this time and age, the interest and curiosity with regards Botox just continue to rise. For this reason, several...

Expert Says: Mums Should Work Under 20 Hours a Week!

Why working mums shouldn’t work more than 20 hours a week. Are mums overworking and inadvertently starving themselves (and their families) of their beauty, energy and zest? Has the pendulum swung too...

Favourite videos 2018

These are a collection of my favourite videos/interviews for 2018. Some are TV interviews. Some are podcasts. Some are Face Book Lives. All I ask is that you share or comment on...

Fatigue? Burn Out?

This year saw the "birth" of my next best seller, Chill Out or Burn Out. It is a simply to read book on burning out, adrenal fatigue and stress. Already on it's...

Sleep secrets

Wow over 27000 views. Had I known I would have worn make up (HAHA) Sleep disturbance or insomnia, restless sleep affects up to 8 in 10 people. Taking sleepers is NOT the...

Menopause QUICK FIX

This is a face book live on how to transition through menopause quickly and drug free. Feel free to comment, share. Ladies... you are not broken, you are just not hormonally balanced...

Belly Fat Loss Secrets

This is a face book live. Share with your friends. You can do this. Contact me if you need more help or wish to inquire about my programs xx

Implant or Explant – Mirenas

An interview with ATP science Contraception has always been tricky but a delightful option since it's inception and focus from the 1950s. The first oral contraceptive pills were used and unwanted pregnancies...

Implant or Explant – Breast Implants

Today Show Interview With thousands of women world wide inserting breast implants, butt cheek implants, mirenas, coils we are seeing a surge in auto-immune disease, weight gain and other symptoms in other...