Menopause QUICK FIX

This is a face book live on how to transition through menopause quickly and drug free. Feel free to comment, share. Ladies... you are not broken, you are just not hormonally balanced...

Belly Fat Loss Secrets

This is a face book live. Share with your friends. You can do this. Contact me if you need more help or wish to inquire about my programs xx

Implant or Explant – Mirenas

An interview with ATP science Contraception has always been tricky but a delightful option since it's inception and focus from the 1950s. The first oral contraceptive pills were used and unwanted pregnancies...

Implant or Explant – Breast Implants

Today Show Interview With thousands of women world wide inserting breast implants, butt cheek implants, mirenas, coils we are seeing a surge in auto-immune disease, weight gain and other symptoms in other...

Choosing a health practitioner

With New Years Eve and resolutions starting to brew, I thought it would be a great idea to address this issue. Who do you trust with your health program in 2019? What...

3 Essentials for a Flat Belly


Nepal after the Earthquakes This is a face book live while driving through Nepal after the earthquakes.
key lime cheesecak

Key Lime Cheesecake

This is an easy to make, reliable yummy desert. That is quite healthy! Key Lime Cheesecake Serves 8 ♥ 20 Mins Prep ♥ 0 Mins Cooking Time ♥ 157 Cal per serve...

Adrenal Fatigue – ATP science interview

Listen to this cutting edge, practical podcast on Adrenal Fatigue with ATP guys, Jeff, Matt and Sam. >> Click here <<<< to listen to the podcast. Or watch here