How to have a healthy pregnancy and baby

Hollie came to see me after discovering she had a hormone problem. After some hormone balancing and following the guidelines in Fit 4 Fertility, Hollie became pregnant naturally and easily. You can...

How do you know if you have high testosterone levels?

 Having TOO Much testosterone as a women can make you feel very out of sorts! While we need some testosterone (it is great for sex drive, muscle making, energy levels and...

How to Eat your way to Success

Eating Your Way to Success Do you find that you are so busy that you eat on the run or even forget to eat? Time is a premium in today’s busy world...

Giving a BIG GREEN LIGHT activity

As I wax lyrically on a beautiful winters afternoon, I am drawn to the magic of giving. And now that I am constructing a blog about my thoughts it has struck me...

Do corporate health and wellbeing programs pay off?

A great question if you are thinking about offering your staff a health and wellbeing program or even just a "talk from an expert". How does one measure these things? Here are...

Time out to regroup

Listening to the ambient tunes of Barbara Steisand in a resort far far away from the every day life, I consider my every day life. Relaxing, eating well, sleeping, nourishing the soul...

Why working women increasing their testosterone levels

There is a rising phenomena in working women of increasing testosterone. Although not well researched in women at all, rising testosterone levels are leading to all sorts of health issues. The most...

Fertility Tips

Here's an article I wrote for Fitness First Magazine Jan 2012 edition For the full article read here. Facts about fertility

Today Tonight – Testosterone Levels in Women

Friday 13th Jan 2012, Today Tonight (Channel 7 Australia) ran a story on women and high testosterone levels. Sam was inundated with women conacting her after the story ran. All with stories...