Implant or Explant – Breast Implants

An interview with ATP science

With thousands of women world wide inserting breast implants, butt cheek implants, mirenas, coils we are seeing a surge in auto-immune disease, weight gain and other symptoms in other wise healthy individuals.

Is there a link?

The manufacturers of these implantable devices refute any link, however a massive law suit in the 1980s and 1990s against Dow Corning was the first, no doubt of many.

Manufacturers do not have to reveal the contents of implants due to FDA disclosure laws yet many women are suffering diseases and clusters of symptoms all trackable to insertion on implants.

Will there be more law suits possibly.

What will your action be?

Learn, read, watch and if you are like me, just get them out and see if your health returns.

This is a podcast I did with the guys at ATP science. This is part 1