Cafe Vida Canggu Bali

WOW! Another incredible organic and local produce restaurant in Canggu and definitely worth a visit.

Really impressed with the menu and food.

I had some badass salad called “The Healthy Bowl”

This is what was included: 5 grain mix: millet, buckwheat, quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, sauteed seasonal greens, cheery tomatoes, house made beans, marinated tempeh, red cabbage, roasted pumpkin, broccoli, sweet corn, kale, zucchini, carrot, lettuce greens, served with house made curtido sauerkraut, baba ganoush, beetroot hummus, and garlic tahini and dressing!


It was delicious, filling and nutritious.

I did have guests with me though, a few frogs, and a ” big mouse”! (rat)