Essentially Cooly

Coolangatta is the place I live and love. Business has been majorly affected by border lockdowns and interstate requirements. This is the ad I made with production company Shaggadelic Productions and support from Cooly Surf Club. Click here for watch ad

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Nepal after the Earthquakes

Nepal after the earthquake 2016 It's our world, our village. Let's all chip in if we can.I have a gofundme page set up or you can donate to love it if you could share xx Posted by Sam Beau Patrick The Health Queen on Saturday, 23 January 2016 This is a face book…

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Sweet Orange Warung

This eclectic warung/bar opened by Putu last year is set amongst the rice paddies in Ubud. You need to know the secret walk way beside Starbucks. The secret rice paddy walks connects lots of hotels up the road… It’s a leisurely walk and once you are on it, it’s easy to find Sweet Orange Warung.…

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Behind Everest, the real Nepal in recovery

Helicopter Fulkharka

Five days beforehand I was lying in my beautiful comfortable warm bed on the Gold Coast with Nepal a distant dream and another world away. I had traveled here before but no two trips are ever the same and this was to be true of this adventure.  Sometimes I think  I am a little crazy but…

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Pokhara – Nature and Adventure


It had been 3 nights in the himalayan hills and I was covered with dirt. BIG amounts of dirt. NO shower for 3 days, working with soil and concrete,  sleeping in a tent and even experiencing my first earth quake! Fortunately only a 4.5 and no damage. Fast forward an 8 hour very bumpy 4…

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Devastation after the earthquake in Nepal

earthquake nepal

My first trip to Nepal was in 2013 and it is the first time coming back since the earthquake. Visible, painful devastation everywhere. And then to get a deeper understanding, an earthquake of 4.5 occurred while camping on the ground in Fulkharka. I woke to the earth grumbling and moaning and SHAKING! at 1.08am. I…

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If you had $75,000,000 what would you do?

Budda orphanage

Would it involve charity and volunteering? What a great question my friend and client asked me three days ago. What’s your passion? With out pausing, I recited my dream as a ten year old to give every orphan in the world a hug and someone to love them. To offer them hope and opportunity and to…

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