Did You Hear About the Massive Rally in Canberra in February 2022?

Maybe you were there? Maybe you heard about it from friends or family? Or maybe you had no idea that it occurred? If you were there, you will already know this was one of the BIGGEST rallies ever held in Canberra, quite possibly  Australia! The mainstream media (whilst absent) reported five to ten thousands people.…

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Musee de l’ oceanigraphy and Palace Monaco

There are a few touristy things to do in Monaco. Many of them a “must when in Monaco”. I highly recommend the On and Off Bus with the audio and a trip to the palace and Musee de l’ oceanigraphy. The bus gives you a good lay out of the land, and takes you to key points.…

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Pool side office Couran Cove

Couran Cove

A favourite local escape is to Couran Cove on South Stradbroke Island off the Gold Coast. Self contained apartments that are cool and offer all the necessaries (fridge, hot top, bath etc) with great views. Ramada Hotel Chain managed the property for awhile but I am not too sure who owns it now. Sometimes I take…

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The Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast

Taj Burrows

With squeals of delight I tell my friends tonight if they want to catch up this weekend (and I hope they do), I will be planted down at Snapper Rocks watching the Quicksilver Pro Surfing Competition. In my mind, one of the best spectator, must-see-events of any sporting or outdoor event. You literally stand in…

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Taronga Zoo

taronga zoo

Taronga Zoo, Sydney! What an incredible place and experience. It was my birthday and I had been pondering the “ideal” birthday present. I brainstormed fond memories from my childhood and then it hit me…  Taronga Zoo. I knew the perfect people to share it with.. my children. I made the booking last week and we…

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Pokhara – Nature and Adventure


It had been 3 nights in the himalayan hills and I was covered with dirt. BIG amounts of dirt. NO shower for 3 days, working with soil and concrete,  sleeping in a tent and even experiencing my first earth quake! Fortunately only a 4.5 and no damage. Fast forward an 8 hour very bumpy 4…

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One Night in Bangkok


On the way to Nepal I have a stop over in Bangkok. I have been traveling here since 1994 and over that time Thailand and Thais have morphed remarkably. Fortunately they have still kept their beautiful soft demeanors. I have always loved Thais. Gentle, soft and smiling. Still in this crazy demanding world Thais will…

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P & O Cruising – do we mention the food?

Timidly I set off on my first P & O Cruise with my two youngest kids. I had been on a cruise in the Mediterranean years ago but that was different. That was just me, heaps of new exciting places and no kids. P & O had not only my kids on board, but hundreds…

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Woodford – Arts, Music and all Things Green

Tijuana Cartel

On the first day Woodford Festival I was dazed:  bands, bars, brazilian meat and bush pantomimes. It’s only on my second day  that I start to pause longer in tents and absorb what is happening. Zenning out at the start to the Labyrinth at Woodford The Festival is a place for all people, including myself. It’s like…

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