P & O Cocktail mix classes

On board drinking experiences are they worth it? If you like a wine or cocktail I think the tasting experiences are a must. On the cruise I am doing there are a few days at sea which means forced rest and recouperation. I take this part of my life very seriously and aside from writing…

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Wine Tasting at Sea

On board drinking experiences vary and being the seasoned wine  taster that I am,  it felt mandatory to try the wine tasting experience on the P & O Cruise as well as the Mix-It Cocktail Experience. I take this part of my life very seriously (days at sea) and aside from writing travel blogs, dipping in…

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A day in Vanuatu

Turtle Sanctuary

I love Vanuatu – a collection of islands in the South Pacific with some of the friendliest people in the world. I have been traveling to Vanuatu for years as it is close to Australia (under 3 hours from Brisbane) and many cruise liners stop into Port Vila. On this trip we arrive by our cruise…

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Five things to do on Lifou Island, New Caledonia

If you are heading to Lifou Island here are some great ideas to do that are kid friendly. For the second time the children and I are ferried across from our floating hotel (the P & O Cruise Ship, the Pacific Dawn) to the one of the islands that belong to the Loyalty Islands, in…

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Taronga Zoo

taronga zoo

Taronga Zoo, Sydney! What an incredible place and experience. It was my birthday and I had been pondering the “ideal” birthday present. I brainstormed fond memories from my childhood and then it hit me…  Taronga Zoo. I knew the perfect people to share it with.. my children. I made the booking last week and we…

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P & O Cruising – do we mention the food?

Timidly I set off on my first P & O Cruise with my two youngest kids. I had been on a cruise in the Mediterranean years ago but that was different. That was just me, heaps of new exciting places and no kids. P & O had not only my kids on board, but hundreds…

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