Did You Hear About the Massive Rally in Canberra in February 2022?

Maybe you were there? Maybe you heard about it from friends or family? Or maybe you had no idea that it occurred? If you were there, you will already know this was one of the BIGGEST rallies ever held in Canberra, quite possibly  Australia! The mainstream media (whilst absent) reported five to ten thousands people.…

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Upcoming Spring Retreat

Spring is the time for new expressions and new growth. It’s a time to let go of old patterns and adopt new ones… I am sure that is why we have seasons… To go into a hibernation of sorts, go to bed earlier in winter, eating warming foods, to emerge in Spring with a new…

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Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium, is a newish stadium in the CBD of Melbourne. It is home to sporting events, namely AFL and Rugby Union and entertainment concerts. On this night I went to watch Hawthorn’s last game of the season. I was so glad I flew down to watch them play. Etihad has a real vibe. On…

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24 hours of FUN in London

24 Sights in 24 Hours in London If you haven’t been to London, you must! Over the years I have spent a couple of years all up, but is has been in 1-2 day short stays, or staying out of town and traveling in. There is always something to do, day or not. This trip…

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The Planting Festival – Through the Eyes of a Child

Tree house woodfordia

Recently I went to Woodford again to join in with The Planting. I didn’t really know what to expect but if  was along the same vein as The Woodford Folk Festival, I knew I would would love it…. and so would the kids. Determined to let my  inner child dominate I set few rules for the…

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The Planting Festival – a time to nurture nature


What a wanderlust weekend playing with my children and hanging out in Woodfordia, planting trees! A fun WET weekend (apparently the first wet Planting in 18 years)!? We pitched our tents in the rain on Friday night and head into the festival to try to make the most of the night. The kids are immediately…

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The Cooly Classic Ocean Swim

What an awesome day to be swimming through the majestic waters of Coolangatta in the Cooly Classic Ocean Swim. It is the start of April and a few hundred competitors line up to do the classic swim. Classic it is! Today is a special day  for me- a day when I was returning to swimming…

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The Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast

Taj Burrows

With squeals of delight I tell my friends tonight if they want to catch up this weekend (and I hope they do), I will be planted down at Snapper Rocks watching the Quicksilver Pro Surfing Competition. In my mind, one of the best spectator, must-see-events of any sporting or outdoor event. You literally stand in…

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