Cagar Budaya Gianyar, Bali

This amazing temple is about thirty minutes drive from Ubud. I didn’t know this temple existed until my latest visit to Bali (my 12th time in the last 3 years)! It is so worth the visit. The mere fact that the caved sanctuary was built  over 1000 years old makes this place a spiritual mecca.…

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The Vatican

The Vatican , as it is referred to, is a principality inside the city of Rome. As the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, many make the pilgrimage here to pay honour to the home of the Pope and one of the strongest religions world wide. Inside the grounds of the Vatican are the Sistine…

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5 Things you MUST do in Rome

Five Things you MUST do in Roma Roma as it is affectionately known to Europe is an incredible place and will require at least 3-4 full days of sightseeing and exploring…  Longer if you have the time and really want to enjoy the Roman lifestyle, of sleeping in, lazying around a piazza for lunch, exploring side…

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Luxury in Ubud – Puri Sunia

Last year I stumbled across the Puri Sunia twenty minutes outside of Ubud. It is a new resort that is very beautifully designed and connected to greenery in a very Bali way. I stay in a deluxe room and it is deluxe. Much better than some of the other similar rated resorts in this region.…

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Behind Everest, the real Nepal in recovery

Helicopter Fulkharka

Five days beforehand I was lying in my beautiful comfortable warm bed on the Gold Coast with Nepal a distant dream and another world away. I had traveled here before but no two trips are ever the same and this was to be true of this adventure.  Sometimes I think  I am a little crazy but…

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Pokhara – Nature and Adventure


It had been 3 nights in the himalayan hills and I was covered with dirt. BIG amounts of dirt. NO shower for 3 days, working with soil and concrete,  sleeping in a tent and even experiencing my first earth quake! Fortunately only a 4.5 and no damage. Fast forward an 8 hour very bumpy 4…

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