My Three Favourite Eat Places in Canguu, Bali

I love Canguu. Canguu is a region in Bali, west of the more popular beaches of Kuta, Legion and Seminyak. Canguu is a very laid back area of rice fields, farms, coast line and beaches.  It is famous for its surf breaks of Canguu, Batu Balong and Echo Beach (far away in time… sorry couldn’t…

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Five TOP activities to do in Ubud

There are a swag of fun and cultural activities to in and around Ubud. Ubud is considered the spiritual hub of Bali but it offers so much more. These are some cool ideas to try if you have a day, a week or a month. Situated one hour from the air port and worth the…

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The Gili Island Cooking School

Flaming the chicken for a curry

For a bit of fun I thought I would try the cooking school on Gili Trawangan at Sweet and Spicy. As I said it was a bit of fun. You get to cook five dishes but eat six. It was good for me being a nutritionist seeing how food has been bastardised to suit the…

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Travel Health Essentials for Asia

Tampons in Asia

If you haven’t traveled to Asia before your first trip is always an eye opener. Most parts, aside from the big cities, are third world and developing countries… Singapore and Hong Kong are not but most other places are. Asia has done a massive catch up with the rest of the world and each country…

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Which supplements should you always travel with?

Being a naturopath with a wellness clinic I get asked this a lot. “What health supplements should I take away with me?” These are my top three supplements to travel with: An immune booster Long haul flights, confined spaces, dirty conditions, the fact many people don’t wash their hands – if you travel you will…

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The Planting Festival – Through the Eyes of a Child

Tree house woodfordia

Recently I went to Woodford again to join in with The Planting. I didn’t really know what to expect but if  was along the same vein as The Woodford Folk Festival, I knew I would would love it…. and so would the kids. Determined to let my  inner child dominate I set few rules for the…

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The Planting Festival – a time to nurture nature


What a wanderlust weekend playing with my children and hanging out in Woodfordia, planting trees! A fun WET weekend (apparently the first wet Planting in 18 years)!? We pitched our tents in the rain on Friday night and head into the festival to try to make the most of the night. The kids are immediately…

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The Best 24 hours visiting Fishhouse, Rainbow Bay & Kiva Spa


The last 24 hours have been superb. So relaxing, so decadent and wonderfully fun. My friend came to stay with me last week and seeing as we have both been working a lot we decided to have  a mini holiday. We headed off for an amazing dinner at my GC fav: Fishhouse in Burleigh Heads. From the…

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Flying a helicopter into Monte Carlo – the best!

Monolith rock of Monao

Definitely one of those moments in my life when I thought ” I have made it!”  is when I caught a helicopter into Monaco. This is the company I flew with Heli Air Monaco. Funny, as with most things in life, experiencing these things are only ever a belief away. So I have (for most of…

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Five must-try restaurants globally


Restaurant eating can be an experience in itself. Often I reflect fondly on town and place because of the restaurant experience. Atmosphere, food, service and views are all aspects that go into making the restaurants below  some of my favs world wide. These are a few of the restaurants that ignite my taste buds and…

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