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Today Extra April 2nd 2018
  • sam-featured

    One on One accountability coaching calls with Sam
    The first to set goals and address road blocks
    The second to discuss your hair test and keep you on track
    The third to put in place a medium term health plan

  • raw-processor

    Over 100 recipes (gluten free and many dairy free) that you need to lose weight in menopause.  Download instantly!

  • qmark

    Weekly group meetings (on line using a program called zoom) . We discuss all aspects of heatlh, food, exercise, mindset and you also have your very own community. You are not doing this alone. 

  • trafficlight

    Discover what drives anxiety and stress and how to make sure every day is full of love and fun. Sam explains her signature Traffic Light System for managing stress and anxiety

  • pills-creams

    Sam can assess your current supplement regime and inform you, in collaboration with your hair test, of the supplements that your body needs.  You can save hundreds in unnecessary supplements. 

  • burn-out-circle

    Receive a copy of Sam's latest book on How to Chill Out before you Burn out. 

  • meal-plan

    You receive 8 weeks of easy to follow meal plans designed for optimal nutrition and hormone balancing!

  • start-harnessing

    Start harnessing your mind through mediation to catapult to higher health and happiness. 

  • sam-inspires

    In our sessions Sam inspires and shows you how to be present in the moment and relax. These skills are rarely taught and are necessary for weight control, hormone balancing and healthy living

  • menopause_circle

    Receive a copy of Sam’s best selling book written for the Oprah Show“Menopause – true there were side effects”.  A guide to menopause

  • comfort-eating

    Learn why people comfort eat and how it can be stopped

  • sleep-again

    Discover how to restore your sleep, which helps balance hormones, improve your energy levels and immunity. 

Changes Felt in Days!

Maree made the changes Sam suggested and in 6 weeks lost 10kg.

Sam Beau Patrick clients

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Christmas Health Program

$1197 One Payment
$167 8 Weekly Repayments
  • 3 sessions with Sam Beau Patrick
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Copies of Sam's latest book, Chill Out of Burn Out
  • Secret Face Book Group Support where you can ask questions
  • 8 weeks dairy & gluten free recipes
  • 8 weeks simple to follow, easy recipes that are designed for hormone balancing
  • Sam’s Traffic Light System for managing stress and anxiety
  • Access to Sam's Members Area for 8 weeks
  • 1 x Cell Wellbeing HAIR Test
    Based on your hair this test is useful to determine nutrient deficiencies, toxicitys and food intolerances
  • Designed to give you support so you can make big changes to your life to get the most out of your heatlh and life.