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Hi ?How are you today?Chances are if you on line and you have found this site that you are looking for some answers to your health issues, hormones or happiness.I’d love to help you out and guide you in the right direction.On this site you will find lots of information about health (look under my blog and podcast) but some of you will be wanting more. Some will really be looking for answers and advice… that’s where I may be able to help out.I run a health practice that services clients world wide.After 18 years of having a clinic, helping women, men and children with all sorts of issues, I know a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.My main modalities are nutrition (food), lifestyle (exercise etc) and mindset (how to create your most perfect day)!Not many people have the combo and with a back ground in nursing, pharma, nutrition I can often guide you to answers not seen before and the lifestyle you are craving.In order to become a client, I get you to make an inquiry call (see below). This is for genuinely interested people only.After many years doing this I only wish to work with people who are ready to make some changes and crave results.So unfortunately I know that many people are not ready for this and that is OK. Just keep following me on face book, media and other streams and that will provide you with many ideas.If you really want to step things up and want to improve your life regardless of where you are at, please book an inquiry call below. This is a complimentary session (not a consult) but opportunity to see if we can achieve what you are seeking. My specialities include hormone health (menopause, PCOS, Endometriosis and Burn Out) and peak performance.

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I will need a mobile to return your call. If you are overseas please let me know and we can arrange a zoom session.

For other inquiries please email Alex, my PA and she will guide you. Her email is here.

I am looking forward to connecting more and helping you be happy and healthy, naturally.

Sam xx


Sam has been sent many reviews and testimonies.These are just a small collection...

  • PMS Sufferer

    I had suffered from sever PMT for 18 mths, progressively getting worse until I was at the point where for 12 days of each month I was an absolute nightmare to live with. The worst thing was that Icouldn’t escape myself. I had seen Dr's, had blood tests, been given medications-all to no avail. A friend of mine suggested I see a naturopath, I thought "what have I got to lose?" The deciding factor for me was that she is a registered nurse as well as a naturopath & being a nurse myself I knew she would be grounded.Her name is Sam Beau Patrick & she changed my life. When I met Sam I was at my lowest point, she listened to me, really listened. She was certain I had a hormone imbalance even though nothing showed on traditional blood tests. Within 6 weeks of being treated by Sam I felt fantastic, I never thought I could feel so great so fast, she is truly an angel. Sam has written several books on hormone imbalances in women that are so scarily accurate you feel like she could be writing about all the things you have been going through yourself. I truly believe she saved my sanity because I really didn’t know how long I could continue living how I was living. I sincerely believe so many of us are living unnecessarily with these imbalances & having Sam on your show would be so beneficial for so many women, & I know it is something Sam has been striving for, for many months, & would be a dream come true for her-so deserving for someone that helps so many others with her knowledge & beautifully caring & compassionate nature. Kindest regards, Fiona

  • Menopause Weight Loss

    I knew my body was in a mess and menopause had got a hold of me in a not so nice way. My weight was a great burden for me in a way that was holding me back in performing to my full potential. Business, family and life were a struggle. I knew my body was not how it should be functioning and understood that menopause and the symptoms I had were the most contributing factors to me not feeling well, being over weight and at times so over it, all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't want to exercise and had no energy. Days of lying on the lounge wondering when it would all end. Seeing my friends and partner looking at me 'differently' and reading their eyes in telling me – you just look horrible, I had to do something and Sam was found.Within my first few consultations Sam managed to address exactly what I needed to do to be able to achieve what was important to me. Weight was lost, dietary needs most suitable for my blood type and body were introduced, exercise and time out for me were all addressed and achieved with amazing results. (Same you can give the figures/numbers here if you like). ?   Back then I was a very unhappy, lethgic over weight menopausal woman.  Today I am a very happy, energetic woman loving life and love reading the new eyes that now look at me now. I love Sam as much as I love life. She has been my helper and continues to help and support where needed. Thanks, Sam. Xx Maree

  • Menopause Weight

    I just wanted you to know how fab I feel! I have lost 5 kilos! I weigh 58 kilos I haven't weighed that in I don't know how long??? I mainly have cut out sugar and just been eating really healthy. I am still loosing weight and not even trying! Went on holidays as well cant believe it. Thanks for getting me on the right track, I don't seem to have as many angry outbursts but still getting a bit of PMS. Sue Gold Coast

  • ACNE sufferer

    I went to Dr. Sam after months of being sick and having the doctors not know what was wrong with me. On our first appointment she did a hairline test and found a range of food I was intolerant too and chemicals that were in my body. I was given supplements and put on a nutritional eating plan that cut out all the foods my stomach could not digest properly and since then I have had more energy, my skin has cleared up, Ive lost weight and have a lot more confidence in myself.

  • Irritable Bowel Sufferer

    I enjoy cooking from your recepies, espessially sweet stuff. Your nutrition advices and not only, were extremely valuable for me, now I use smoothies, for my boys as well, they love it, all your chocolate coconut balls etc are amasing, dairy and bread free diet goes easy, never even thought I could leave whithout  it. Really appresiate your help. SvetlanaI am thankful to Sam for encouraging me to cut out certain foods and help me with my overall lifestyle change.

  • General Health

    Hi Sam, I just wanted to send a special BIG THANK YOU for getting me back on track. I am loving my progress and look forward to my visits with you so I can 'show off' your work and make you proud. Only regret, I didn't meet you 4 years ago! xx

  • Retreats

    Thank you so much for you enthusiam, honesty, knowledge and insight. I came away on a high with lot of notes, great ideas and things to implement. I know guests that attended the seminars loved it! I have been raving to anyone that will listen and to everyone that walks through the office and I know Sharon enjoyed Saturday also.Xxxx love to see you back again sometime. Gwinganna Retreat

  • General Health

    I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge, I am so relieved and have a total new lease on life for how to tackle some of these health have really changed my outlook on thing. Thank you so much, I just can’t express it.

What doctors say..

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam Patrick for several months. Her knowledge and experience in the natural therapy and nutritional medicine is exceptional and as a result I have referred a number of patients to her for further assessment and management of their clinical condition. A large proportion of my patient base are female and therefore the majority of these referrals have been related to woman’s health. In this respect I have found the combination of conventional medicine and natural/nutritional medicine to be very successful in treating these patients, Regards
Dr Lindsey Whittle


Conception and pregnancy are a journey that requires a healthy mind and body. This book (Fit for Fertility) is a wonderful overview inspiring couples to have that healthy mind and body to optimise their pregnancy chances." Dr Andrew Davidson MB.BS (Syd) FRANZCOG, FRCOG


Sam has created a winning mix of sound scientific based research, life experience and a good dose of common sense that makes this bible on menopause a must-read for the modern woman. Dr Karen Coates MB, BS Dip Obs, RACOG, Member ACNEM, RACGP, Medical Practitioner at Xtra Health Wellness Clinic.

  • Migraines Sufferer

    I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for 30 years, experiencing an average of three debilitating migraines per week. I have visited doctors, neurologist and tried various natural therapies which have all had no effect in reducing or improving my condition. Sam Patrick recommended microcurrent as a non invasive treatment for migraines. Following my first treatment I have been entirely migraine free and have enjoyed enormously improved feelings of well being. If you are sceptical of any migraine related treatments as I was, I can strongly recommend a consultation with Sam. I was impressed with her professionalism and the fact that I was not prescribed numerous pills and tablets. The treatment was pleasant and quite relaxing and I have experienced life changing results. Every day I am grateful for the change it has made to my life. female 37 yo

  • Frozen Shoulder

    A few months ago my doctor diagnosed a frozen shoulder. He booked me in for a procedure which involved injecting cortisone into the shoulder. Thankfully the procedure was postponed and I started microcurrent with Sam. Even after the first visit there was significant improvement in my shoulder and now after the third treatment I am pleased to say that my shoulder is 90% repaired. I believe that one more visit will see me at 100%. I am already back playing golf, thank-you Sam! 53yo male

  • Rheumatoid arthritis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    I am pleased to say I have had great relief from irritable bowel, hot flushes and mood swings from a combination of Microcurrent Treatments and herbal supplements. Microcurrent has given me relief of pain and has noticeable reduced the swelling of my joints affected by my arthritis. 50 yo female

  • Skin problems

    I can’t recommend or thank Sam enough. Sam treats our whole family. She has treated my daughter for glandular fever, my son for an acute back injury. I have been treated for eczema and intestinal problems. She has explained the importance of good nutrition to my teenagers. Its amazing to see the change in their diets. Female 40

  • Juvenile arthritis

    I have to thank Sam for her great work on my 6 yo daughter. She is full of confidence and so much happier now that the pain from her arthritis is gone. She has improved so much in the last month and that has helped our whole family. Thank-you Sam, your determination has made us all so much happier and made us believe again. Girl’s mum

  • Frozen Shoulder

    I had a frozen shoulder that had not improved for 2 years. Thanks to microcurrent I am now able to use my arm again. I would highly recommend microcurrent as an easy and effective way to deal with acute and chronic injuries. 50yo female.

  • Health and Well being

    Sam’s helped me to address a number of health issues that have been holding me back from enjoying life more fully. Now, through regular “maintenance” visits she helps keep me “tuned up” keeping me healthy and on top of life. 27yo male

  • Ruth Bullock

    It has been inspiring to have consulted with Sam. WE have always believed that “you are what you eat” and she has only cemented that belief. Her knowledge on natural medicines is marvellous. We will continue to visit her clinic.

  • Judy Penry

    The difference in my health since I first started seeing Sam 2 months ago is amazing!  Regaining my health and vitality is wonderful. I will continue to improve!

  • Romy went on Sam’s Bali retreat

    It has been a great magical week. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Beautiful smiling face greeted me at the airport with a sign on it. When we arrived at the resort I was surprised with the size of the room and how beautiful it was. Service at the resort and staff were so kind. The following days were just spectacular. Food is amazing. Really great experiences and well through out, every day brings something different. For me, personally, the best part was and is, how relaxed I became. Once again, thank you Sam for taking me on this journey, Love Romana xox

  • Julie went on one of Sam’s Bali retreats

    I had no expectation when I arrived in Bali. Joe, our driver met us at the airport. I am usually an anxious person so I want to tell all other “worriers” that everything I experienced was wonderful and uplifting. Sam showed me beautiful Bale. We visited temples, attended cooking class, met “Ketut” did yoga, had a painting lesson, white water rafting, all meals were arranged and transport organised. The many sessions with Sam were very beneficial and inspiring. Thank you Sammy for showing me my light. You are amazing and I am so happy to have shared this week with you, Namaste Julie xx

Video Reviews

Sam has had her own natural medicine and health performance coaching clinic in Australia since 2002.Over this time she has assisted over 4000 people in her clinic with their health and well being.This doesn't take into consideration her talks, media appearances, radio show and on-line presence.Sam has a reputation that people in ANY industry crave.

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