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If you are curious as to why you are not getting anywhere in health, or don't know where to start, I'd love to offer a new perspective and approach

You see, most people come to my through word of mouth, or because they have exhausted avenues such as dieting, exercise program and many not getting the answers they seek from mainstream.

There are many reasons why you may need my assistance including:

🌟 Conquering Stress and Burnout! 🚀🌈

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🌟 Resolving PCOS & Endometriosis! 💪🌼

What ever it is you are seeking, I am sure to have assisted someone in the past. 

With over 36 years experience in health, nutrition, hormones, nursing, pharmaceuticals I can help you devise a plan to bring you closer to your health goals. 

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What They’re Saying

I had been going to doctors for years trying to find out why I just didn't quite feel right... Sam Beau Patrick found out in the first session what was happening to my body and we worked together to get it right... .Thank you for your amazing support and knowledge.

- Kristy 


I've only just started working with Sam and know I'm on the right path. Sick of the widespread apathy amongst the general medical community I was lost and had no support cracking from the inside out. I've found the right help and super woman! We need more Sam's in our life.


The difference in my health since I first started seeing Sam 2 months ago is amazing! Regaining my health and vitality is wonderful. I will continue to improve!

- Judy 

I had suffered from sever PMT for 18 mths, progressively getting worse until I was at the point where for 12 days of each month I was an absolute nightmare to live with. The worst thing was that Icouldn’t escape myself. I had seen Dr's, had blood tests, been given medications-all to no avail. A friend of mine suggested I see a naturopath, I thought "what have I got to lose?" The deciding factor for me was that she is a registered nurse as well as a naturopath & being a nurse myself I knew she would be grounded.Her name is Sam Beau Patrick & she changed my life. When I met Sam I was at my lowest point, she listened to me, really listened. She was certain I had a hormone imbalance even though nothing showed on traditional blood tests. Within 6 weeks of being treated by Sam I felt fantastic, I never thought I could feel so great so fast, she is truly an angel. Sam has written several books on hormone imbalances in women that are so scarily accurate you feel like she could be writing about all the things you have been going through yourself. I truly believe she saved my sanity because I really didn’t know how long I could continue living how I was living. I sincerely believe so many of us are living unnecessarily with these imbalances & having Sam on your show would be so beneficial for so many women, & I know it is something Sam has been striving for, for many months, & would be a dream come true for her-so deserving for someone that helps so many others with her knowledge & beautifully caring & compassionate nature. Kindest regards

- Fiona

I just wanted you to know how fab I feel! I have lost 5 kilos! I weigh 58 kilos I haven't weighed that in I don't know how long??? I mainly have cut out sugar and just been eating really healthy. I am still loosing weight and not even trying! Went on holidays as well cant believe it. Thanks for getting me on the right track, I don't seem to have as many angry outbursts but still getting a bit of PMS. Sue Gold Coast
I went to Dr. Sam after months of being sick and having the doctors not know what was wrong with me. On our first appointment she did a hairline test and found a range of food I was intolerant too and chemicals that were in my body. I was given supplements and put on a nutritional eating plan that cut out all the foods my stomach could not digest properly and since then I have had more energy, my skin has cleared up, Ive lost weight and have a lot more confidence in myself.
I enjoy cooking from your recepies, espessially sweet stuff. Your nutrition advices and not only, were extremely valuable for me, now I use smoothies, for my boys as well, they love it, all your chocolate coconut balls etc are amasing, dairy and bread free diet goes easy, never even thought I could leave whithout it. Really appresiate your help. SvetlanaI am thankful to Sam for encouraging me to cut out certain foods and help me with my overall lifestyle change.
Hi Sam, I just wanted to send a special BIG THANK YOU for getting me back on track. I am loving my progress and look forward to my visits with you so I can 'show off' your work and make you proud. Only regret, I didn't meet you 4 years ago! xx
I have had the pleasure of working with Sam Patrick for several months. Her knowledge and experience in the natural therapy and nutritional medicine is exceptional and as a result I have referred a number of patients to her for further assessment and management of their clinical condition. A large proportion of my patient base are female and therefore the majority of these referrals have been related to woman’s health. In this respect I have found the combination of conventional medicine and natural/nutritional medicine to be very successful in treating these patients

- Dr Lindsey Whittle

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