Covid Services

COVID-19 Naturally

The COVID-19 is a particularly concerning viruses as it is highly contaminable (like most upper respiratory viruses) and carries with it fear. At this stage it appears the elderly are the most vulnerable but find out how to protect yourself and family with my ebook.


Introducing a new smart pack and supplement  

1 x 100g of high strength mushroom blend for immune system support


Face mask exemption stickers (please seek your own advice)

Ebook on Covid protection

FREE postage in Australia


Are you concerned about your ability to fend off a virus? If so, find out what your body could be missing with simple test. The test has been designed in Germany and is continually improved and updated.


This is a short 15 minute consultation designed to help you protect yourself from potential viral outbreaks. It is not a long consultation but a short one to help rationalize your plan and protection.