Ditch the dieting! Research shows dieting gains weight

A recent study published from Finland found that irregular eating and dieting actually lead to weight gain

Recently I was asked to discuss dieting on National TV as a new study from Helsinki published its results.
It followed 5000 people for 10 years. It asked participants to fill in a survey at the beginning of the study and tracked behaviours that lead to weight gain.

The results are not what people would expect and has lead to much discussion about the validity of recommending diets and whether people should even be following them.

Less than a quarter of people in the study didn’t gain weight. With 72% of women and 77% of men gaining weight over the ten years.

Both sexes averaged a gain of 1kg.

The causitive factors for each sex varied.

Men gained more weight if they smoked.

The female factors included:
– Having 2 or more children
Drinking soft drinks
Having a low self worth

Dieting and skipping meals was associated with weight gain. This does NOT surprise me in the least.

I believe the psychology around people dieting leads to punitive and rewarding thoughts. Which don’t serve people.

People see me for “diets” but I rarely lay one out. I try to demonstrate that you never have to diet again using daily health rituals.

I have found that inspiring people how to introduce little changes that have big rewards is the best strategy. This was people can sustain the changes and long term will reap massive rewards. They will never have to diet again.

If you want to find that lovely balance in life, my 8 week life transformation program is designed to do just that. Help you fall in love with food again and trust what you are eating is right for your needs and body.

Daily healthy habits pay massive dividends in the long run.

I would love to hear your experiences with dieting, not dieting and what made the most impact.

Sam xx