Diets – what works and what screws your brain and body up part 3 Kim Kardashian Diet

Today is such a fabulous day while I type! Blue skies gentle breeze and so much going on around me (new markets, art displays, great food expos etc). Today’s blog is about pigging out and then I’ll critique Kim Kardashian’s Diet.


Have you ever wondered way some days you battle over whelming desires to PIG OUT (over-indulge if you prefer to name it that) and some days it’s really not an issue?

There are many factors that drive our appetite and eating habits. I am not really an expert in the psychological reasons or the former lives thing or any other mechanism that might be worth exploring BUT I am a nutritionist and have done a lot of counselling as nurse and various other roles.

I work with people to help them understand the power of nutrition and how feeling fantastic is a pretty cool state to be in. However the hitch is you need to understand your body, respect it and nourish it in many ways.

What drives our appetite?

Our appetite center is in our brain (not our gut) and is governed by all sorts of things – naturally innate triggers, social triggers and our own emotions!

EMOTIONS, conditions, availability of food, stress, need, conflict and disease can all govern our appetite.



You may recall my personal story from the other day about bulimia, my ignorance about food and now I can tell you that I also had this terrible habit of “pigging out”.

Now I am sure if I “pigged out”on healthy organic foods I would have been fine, however the things I was scoffing down were the naughty things. I have talked about my chocolate addiction and how it was easy for me to demolish a family block of chocolate per day! Sometimes 2 blocks (yes 500 grams of chocolate a day – not good stuff either – sugar and fat with a touch of cacao).


You may be like me and gravitate to chocolate but it could be lollies, biscuits, alcohol, ice cream or salty chips! They are naughty calorie rich, nutrient poor foods and they seem very addictive!

Clearly pigging out had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY APPETITE and every thing to do with my emotions and sugar addiction.

I truly believe in order to have a lean happy body that you need to know your body! We become experts about so many things in life (accounting, our careers, housekeeping, computer programs etc ) but rarely do we undertake a “degree”on ourselves. Not other people but ourselves.

And if you think about under-taking a 4 year bachelor in ME (that means YOU) that requires educated teachers (people who know a little bit more than you so they can teach you) and a commitment from you to undertake the learnings and then apply them! Seriously have you spent the equivalent of a 4 year degree learning about the most important asset in your life, YOU?

If you are like most of us, probably not. Don’t fret, not many have. Personally I think I have but I am now working on my Masters in ME! Advanced stuff like meditations, quantum physics and other exciting stuff like that! BUT FIRST YOU NEED THE BASICS and the foundational degree in ME!

If you are an over-eater, a binge eater or are hooked on sweet (poisonous) sugar then consider undertaking a degree in ME.


These are some of my mentors that I happened to meet at the markets this morning. They have and do play significant roles in my life. They make me feel good, they inspire me and they keep me on the “I love ME path” in life.

So if you struggle with pigging out, then take heart, a mini course in ME, even reading blogs like this, will arouse your awakening about yourself and why you eat more at certain times… then you are more apt to change these unwanted habits.

I might add here that my biggest tip if you are a sneaky pantry scoffer – STOP BUYING THE STUFF! All those deliciously addictive foods can stay on someone’s else’s shelf. If they are in yours then you will be tempted, if they are NOT , YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE!

Now let’s chat about Kim Kardashian’s Diet.

Kim Kardashian DIET

Kim is coming to Australia this week to promote her diet. I am sure it’s not really something she has designed herself – I mean she doesn’t have any nutritional qualifications or health quals that I am aware of but she is endorsing a program called QuickTrim.

Perfumes, lingerie range and diets, celebs are often sought to endorse products. Kim has been very very smart. She is obviously surrounded by a great marketing and brand team and they will be making squillions for her empire. Does she actually follows this way of eating all the tie – who knows. I don’t but I doubt it.

I think  she has her name (brand), she is attractive and has great followers.  Let’s throw a calorie restriction diet together with some “cleaning” products. Will it work – you bet it will. Will it lead to life long healthy nutritional habits… I doubt it.

It entails (not that I have done it so if you have leave your experience with it in the comments section if you could) shakes as meal replacements and calorie restriction. The first couple of days are a cleansing drink and some diet changes and day 3-7 are 2 meal replacement shakes per day and one meal.


* Good quick weight loss

* Easy to follow

* Meals look like treats so you don’t feel you are being deprived (e.g. one meal is fish and wedges)!

* Doesn’t require hours of preparation


* Not sustainable long term (but looking at the marketing I don’t think they are suggesting it is a long term eating plan – it’s just a way to shed some pounds/kilos so you can party with KIM)!

* Not healthy long term

* Uses processed product over real food (mild consideration)

* Doesn’t retrain you not to restart the habits you were doing before you gained weight. So highly likely you will gain the weight back again.

Summary of the diet:

Ok if you are after short term fix. But this sort of thing definitely leads to YO-YO dieting. Do I want that for you? Absolutely not!

I’m giving this one a Health Queen Ranking of 3/10.Sorry Kim