GIn protection for COVID-19

Gin is medicinal!

For years I have been quipping on about the benefits of gin saying "it's medicinal!"

Now, more than ever, home remedies are going to play a role in helping people through the grim times I am coining "the covid ages."

Gin is an alcoholic drink.

This blog is not about increasing your consumption of alcohol, nor is it to encourage you to use alcohol as an escape tool. In fact if you suffer with alcohol dependance maybe now is the time to flick it. Reach out to Alcoholics Anonymous and use the down time to remedy that issue.

This blog is for those who wish to discover the medicinal benefits of gin and how it may help with COVID-19 resilience. Obviously it is not to replace the guidance of medical advice at this point in time.

Gins are a distilled liquor, often derived from vodka.

The drink gin, became popular in the middle ages and was evolved from herbal tonics.

YES it's medicinal!

The original medicinal form of gin, jenever, has been around since the 13th century and used by soldiers before battle. It was believed to calm them.

During the 17th Century pharmacists started using gin as a tonic to deliver medicinal herbs and botanicals for certain ailments. One such addition was juniper berries.

Juniper Berries are medicinal!


Juniper berries, have been used for hundreds of years by pharmacists and herbal medicine experts for gout, kidney disease and gall stones.

Other additions have been corriander, caraway, anise and saffron.

Gin and Tonics have been considered medicinal due to the Quinine.

Quinine has been used with carbonated waters to create tonic water. Quinine is a well documented as a medicine to help restless leg syndrome and as a cardiovascular medication. However before you pour another G & T, the amounts of quinine in tonic water is quite minimal.

Regardless of how you mix it, gin has stood the test of time and may play a role in helping with covid-19.


gin medicinal

How Gin may help during COVID-19?

I see gin playing a role in many aspects during the COVID ages.

Not for dependence and escapism but for medicinal reasons.

You can enhance your gin in the following ways:

Try adding the following:

Orange, limes or lemon (all high in vitamin C which has been shown to decrease the duration of the common cold)

Mix with Kombucha (a fermented drink that strengthens your gut wall and immune system)

Add a ginger or turmeric extract like jamu jamu (great immune boosters)

Use as a psychological signal that things will pan out (mental and psychological resilience are imperative at this point and in lock down).

Of course none of this is to replace the need for professional supervision of your immune system, which if you are going natural, is a naturopath. Reach out and look in my shop and "book appointment" for other ways in which I can assist you.

Until then be safe and healthy.

Do you have a favourite gin? Let me know below in the comments and why it is your favourite gin