Do you want to find out how healthy you really are? If so this simple hair test will highlight your deficiencies and excesses

Are you concerned about the current world health affairs? Now is the time to improve your immunity and find out what your body maybe missing.

This simple hair test done from the comfort of your own home (and posted into our clinic) may save you hundreds of dollars in wasted, unnecessary supplements.

The 35 page report will give you an indication of what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants that you might be low in. As well as indicating toxicity levels, food intolerances (not allergies) and so much more. Read below for full overview.

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This is the time to be the healthiest you ever have been!

Find out what your body may be low in with this simple test!

The test is easy and can even be posted in.

Hair samples are really good for indicating what nutrients you have been absorbing over the last few months and more importantly what you might be low in. 

The test has been designed in Germany and is continually improved and updated.

PLEASE NOTE... it is not a substitute for a professional consultation but can indicate what nutrients you are low in, and if you have other factors that you need to lower (for example bacteria, parasites, toxins).

Currently it measures nine different aspects of health including vitamins, minerals, omega 3, 6, 9s, proteins, toxicity levels, gut issues, EMFs, food intolerances and anti oxidants.

It can assist in working out what foods and nutrients your body needs and can save money on taking supplements you don’t need!

The hair test indicates

  • Parasites/bacteria or fungus growth (great for working out gut issues)
  • Indicates iron, B12 or folic acid (common causes of low energy levels, facial pigmentation and eye floaters)
  • Anti oxidants indicators– the number one defence against cancers and disease
  • Indicators for minerals such as magnesium, chromium, selenium and more.

This DIY hair test (posted from your home) offers a modern day method of measuring  health without blood testing and pain!

Simply post some hair strands to Sam Beau Patrick, Australia’s Health Queen to have your hair analysed.

You hair sample will be tested for vitamins, minerals, omega 3s, anti oxidants, chemical load and foods on a template and the report send to your email.

The test also indicates foods to avoid, additives to avoid and a food detox program. Please note it doesn't measure IgE or IgA, or IgG antibodies. The hair test is based on sine waves. 

This test is perfect for children, health conscious, people suffering low energy levels, IBS and cancer.

This is a clip explains the hair test:

What the hair test indicates:

  • Vitamin levels
  • Mineral levels
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Omega fats
  • Amino acids
  • EMFs
  • Foods
  • Toxicity levels
  • Chemical burden
  • Microbiology (do you have candida, viruses, bacteria) ** not diagnostic for conora-19 virus

This test is suitable for:

  • Anyone wanting to boost their immunity and health
  • Anyone taking a supplements
  • Irritable Bowel Sufferers – find out if it is caused by food, bacteria, candida and also what your B12 and folate levels are.
  • People fighting cancer and wanting to know what anti oxidants may be low, Coq10, lipoic acid and more
  • As an adjunct to hormone treatments - inositol levels, folic acid, tyrosine are indicated
  • Allergies (this test highlights food intolerances, toxicity levels and low zinc) NB not an IgG test though
  • For weight lose and assisting in fine tuning the supplement regime.
  • As an ageing strategy! The BEST reason of all.

The test is simple to do and YOU send it for analysing from home.

You can order it on line now and post in.


NB: No kit is sent to you, the information for collecting the hair sample will be on your receipt.

This does NOT include a consultation just a report. 

ORDER YOUR HAIR ANALYSIS today to find out your key nutrient levels !

Click the image below to view a example of a hair test results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this test diagnose COVID-19?

No, this test categorically does not diagnose nor predict your risk for contracting nor having the coronavirus, or recent COVID-19. 

How many hairs do you need?

Ideally you will send 10 hair strands. The test can be done on less, but it can be done on 5-7.

Is this report a treatment plan for any illness?

NO, the report is not intended for the treatment or cure of any condition or illness. Cell Wellbeing has not been evaluated by the FDA.

What are epigenetic factors?

Epigenetics is the study of the everyday influences in diet, environment and lifestyle affect how genes express.
In some cases, up to 98% of gene expression (the way the body is physically, mentally and emotionally) is controlled by the environment.

Does that mean that you influence gene expression?

To a large degree yes, genes have the ability to express in a number of ways, sometimes thousands of ways for the same gene. By changing the environment, you can find the best gene expression to support wellness.

Are the nutrients listed deficiencies?

No, not necessarily as we are not physically measuring the amount of the nutrient to compare with deficiency tables. These could be within normal levels by conventional measure but still require more of a certain nutrient because of a lifestyle factor, like exercise or stress for example. The reports are based on relevancy.

What are you measuring?

The system is not a measurement as it does not have a scale by which data can be compared. Through the process of resonance, we determine the relevancy of an item by the ability of the system to detect resonance within the digital sample and reflect this in the size of the chart segment.

What is resonance?

When two systems have frequencies which are comparable they come into resonance. When the opera singer hits a note which resonates with the glass, it is able to absorb the energy from that note, until so much is stored, that the glass shatters.

Is the largest segment the most important?

Only within the context of the chart that it is in. As a chart can only add up to 100% of the total picture for that category, you cannot compare a chart with 3 categories with one that has 17.

What does an outlined segment mean?

Those segments with outlines are designated as ‘consider’ items, which still have moderate relevance but are not priority issues.

Are the foods listed allergies?

No, we are not physically assessing immune response to the foods and they are not on the allergy spectrum. If there are foods to which you know or suspect your clients are allergic, then you should avoid these even if they are not on the restrictions list.

Why should I restrict certain foods?

There are some foods to which we have limited genetic experience, we often have natural aversions to these.
There are others which we eat too much of because we are creatures of habit and from time to time certain foods are just not compatible with our lifestyles. These foods are best restricted for a 90-day period.

Are the toxins in my ‘Environmental Challenges’ chart poisoning me?

The system does not physically measure toxins in the body and so cannot be used to confirm their presence.
The resonance can be epigenetic in nature meaning that the toxins could cause some poor gene expression if exposure does occur.

My report says I have parasites; can you prove it?

The report does not confirm the presence of parasites (although we all carry them) but only the resonance indication that could be a predisposition to parasites and eating the right foods may help with this.

Why is the plan for 90 days?

When you change your diet, environment and lifestyle, it takes time for the body to react physically. After 90-days your body has gone through a reasonable support cycle and can be effectively checked again.

Why do I need a follow up report, surely they will be the same?

At a pure epigenetic level the body is homeodynamic, which means constantly adapting to the environment in a non-linear way. As we age, changes jobs, eat differently, get married, have kids, read a different paper, start exercising, stop exercising and hundreds upon hundreds of different daily/weekly/monthly changes, so our bodies need supporting in different ways.

When will my clients notice the change?

That’s impossible to say as there are so many variables and each person and set of circumstances is unique. They should notice change within the first 30 days but it can take up to 90 days and even beyond in some cases.

Are the results reproducible?

Not in the short term as the epigenetic information that is mapped reflects the underlying energy status of the body which never adopts the same state twice. It is homeodynamic in nature and not homeostatic. Over time patterns of epigenetic tendencies can be seen in the reports and you get to know factors need addressing in the long run.

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