Start Conquering Menopause TODAY!

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with step by step instructions and coaching

  • meal-plan

    You receive 8 weeks of easy to follow meal plans designed for optimal nutrition and hormone balancing!

  • start-harnessing

    Start harnessing your mind through mediation to catapult to higher health and happiness. 

  • poison

    In one of our sessions learn all about hormones, menopause, and other relevant conditions such as cancer & heart disease and how to prevent them. 

  • menopause_circle

    Receive a copy of Sam’s best selling book written for the Oprah Show“Menopause – true there were side effects”.  A guide to menopause

  • comfort-eating

    Learn why people comfort eat and how it can be stopped

  • sleep-again

    Discover how to restore your sleep, which helps balance hormones, improve your energy levels and immunity. 

  • sam-featured

    One on One accountability and Coaching calls with Sam, where we discuss nutrition, exercise, mindset and more! 

  • raw-processor

    Over 100 recipes (gluten free and many dairy free) that you need to lose weight in menopause.  Download instantly!

  • qmark

    Sam explains why your body was designed to go through menopause naturally, and gives you the tools to do it naturally! 

  • trafficlight

    Discover what drives anxiety and stress and how to make sure every day is full of love and fun. Sam explains her signature Traffic Light System for managing stress and anxiety

  • pills-creams

    There are many options for treating menopause from diets, teas, oils, bio-identicals and HRT. Find out about your options and choose what feels right for you. 

  • keeping-up_circle

    Receive a copy of Sam's book for men - so you can keep the men in your life performing!

Changes Felt in Days!

Discover the Menopause Code, so you can get on with life! Just as Maree did>>>>

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Chose your Option...

Sam’s exclusive explanations on hormones and menopause

Sam explains your body was designed to pass through menopause naturally

Bio identical hormones explained

A copy of Sam’s book written for the Oprah Show “Menopause – true there were side effects”

Secret Face Book Group Support where you can ask questions

8 weeks dairy & gluten free recipes

8 weeks simple to follow, easy recipes that are designed for hormone balancing

Sam’s Traffic Light System for managing stress and anxiety 

Learn why you comfort eat and how to stop it

One on One accountability and coaching

sessions with Sam

Weekly On-line Zoom Sessions

These are done on line and can be accessed from around the world.

Sessions are recorded for those who can't attend live

1 x Cell Wellbeing HAIR Test

Based on your hair this test is useful to determine

nutrient deficiencies, toxicitys and food intolerances

1 x Saliva Hormone test

Measuring estrogen, progesterone, cortisol and testosterone

Choosing a program for you....

choose your plan

Menopause Makeover

3 x 45 minute one on one consultations

spaced to discuss results, nutrition

and lifestyle advice

Designed for people who would like a snap-shot and overview of their health, basic support and guidance


$1497 (one payment)