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Nutritonal Hair & Saliva Hormone TEST

Why hormones, why test?

When people feel out of sorts,

Maybe lacking energy, feeling burnt out...

Maybe poor sleep, or broken sleep...

Or know they have a hormone imbalance such as menopause, PCOS or period issues...

Hormones are invariably involved and excitingly resolved, often naturally.

Finding out this information can be a game changer.

A simple non invasive test can change a person's understanding of their body and lead to incredible answers, and a direction for change...

Change where they are finally in control of their destiny, health outcomes and hormones!

Below is one interview explaining how hormones impact on our lives.

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Sam Beau Patrick on TV...

Perfect for designing a plan for:

  • Menopause
  • Burn Out
  • Weight issues
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Fertility
  • Men's health
  • Low energy levels, poor sleep and a range of other issues.

What is included in the Core Health Program? 

The Core Health Program is designed to offer a holistic understanding of your body's workings. Our aim? To empower people with knowledge and solutions that guide them towards a healthier, happier self.

Nutritional Hair Test:

Our advanced hair test goes beyond just minerals. It dives deep into your nutritional profile, uncovering deficiencies, and overloads that might be secretly sabotaging your health. With just a simple hair sample, we can deliver insights that transform your understanding of your body's unique needs.

Saliva Hormone Test:

Stress, sleep, mood, metabolism, and more, your hormones rule them all! Our Saliva Hormone Test is designed to pinpoint imbalances that could be impacting your well-being. It's non-invasive, accurate, and convenient and is done in the comfort of your own home. 

Two x 45-Minute Private Consultations:

To make sense of your test results, you'll have a two x one-on-one consultation with Sam Beau Patrick, The Health Queen. 

She will not only explain your results but also create a personalized plan that includes tailored supplement recommendations and lifestyle changes to support your health journey.

Introducing the Core Health Program

What's Included?


🔬 Nutritional Hair Test:

  • Depth & Detail: Our state-of-the-art hair test provides insights far beyond mere minerals. It explores your nutritional landscape, revealing hidden deficiencies or excesses that could be discreetly affecting your health.
  • Ease & Enlightenment: A simple hair sample is all we need to offer transformative insights into your body's distinct nutritional needs.
sam beau patrick hormone testing

🌸 Saliva Hormone Test:

  • Personal Hormonal Insights: From the stress response to sleep rhythms, mood balance to metabolism — hormones dictate a lot. With this test you will discover what your hormones are up to.
  • Accurate & Accessible: Our Saliva Hormone Test offers a non-invasive, precise method to identify potential hormonal imbalances, enabling you to step towards well-balanced well-being. 
  • We measure cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone and estrogens.
hormones sam beau patrick

🧘 Empowered Action:

Equipped with your test results and a personalized health plan, you're ready to make informed decisions and take decisive steps towards better health.

Orders yours today to get started.

sam beau patrick hormone testing

👌 Convenience:

The tests can be done in the comfort of your home at your convenience as well as your private online consultations with Sam. 

Designed to give a snap shot and over view of health.

What They’re Saying



I had been going to doctors for years trying to find out why I just didn't quite feel right...

Sam Beau Patrick found out in the first session what was happening to my body and we worked together to get it right... .

Thank you for your amazing support and knowledge.



I've only just started working with Sam and know I'm on the right path. Sick of the widespread apathy amongst the general medical community I was lost and had no support cracking from the inside out. I've found the right help and super woman! We need more Sam's in our life.



The difference in my health since I first started seeing Sam 2 months ago is amazing! Regaining my health and vitality is wonderful. I will continue to improve!


  • Two x 45 minute sessions with Sam
  • 1 x saliva hormone test including cortisol, testosterone, estrogen's, progesterone, DHEA.
  • 1 x cell wellbeing hair test analysis

In this informative snap shot of your health you will receive the following:

A hair test (indicating vitamin, mineral deficiencies, food intolerances and toxicity levels)

A saliva hormone test (only available for Australian residents) We measure sex and stress hormones

1 x 45 minute consultations with Sam (done via phone or zoom) to discuss your symptoms and how do to the tests to get best results

1 x 45 minute consultations with Sam (done via phone or zoom) to discuss your results and recommendations such as supplements & foods

Two consultations in total

This package can be done from anywhere in Australia. 

Sam will discuss your past history, current supplements, medications and interpret your results. A short plan will be tailored for your needs including some dietary advice, supplements and lifestyle suggestions.

Once purchased you will be posted the saliva hormone kit and instructions for collecting the hair test.

This package is only available to Australian residents (sorry)!


You purchase the program here.
A saliva test kit with instructions and reply paid envelop will be sent to your address
You do the saliva test on day 19 of your cycle, or if you are on HRT or the OCP, please contact Sam first.

You send in a sample of you hair to address provided (instructions come as well).
When both results are back, Alexandra (Sam's PA) will contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss

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