Do YOUR Hormones Control You?

I’m about to share the secrets that enabled me to resolve PCOS in my 30s so I could have three children naturally, to pass through menopause in two months & to recover from Burn Out

In this Free Five Day Challenge you’ll discover the secrets to balancing hormones, naturally and quickly so you can pass through life without all the drama and have fun.

Presented by Sam Beau Patrick The Health Queen Two Time Best Selling Author of Beauty & Beast Within and Menopause

14th - 18th Sept 630am - 7am Queensland time (AEST)

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You will Learn:

  • The driving hormones in a female's body that create issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause, Weight Gain and Burn Out
  • What foods to eat to balance hormones so you can feel great in your swim wear.
  • The mindset & supports you need tackle an hormone issue to save money and time
  • Treatment strategies that are available and the best approach for you