This simple test may save your life!

Hormone Imbalances are associated with breast cancers,

ovarian cancers and are often the cause of

PCOS, endometriosis and PMS.

The GOOD news is you can measure them accurately on a saliva test, easily and affordably.

Hormone imbalances are very common. In a study in 2010, 84% of women reported feeling "hormonal" at some time and most are not detected or diagnosed. 

Hormones testing is best done on saliva testing for most accurate results, and interpreted by a professional who specialises in this area.

Hormones are produced by both sexes.

Your body makes stress hormones, sex hormones, sugar hormones, cardiovascular hormones... In fact the body uses hormones to relay messages to one part of your body to another. 

If you feel stressed, are not eating foods appropriate for your needs, are suffering with a nutritional deficiencies and other factors, your hormones can go out of balance. 

There are also times in your life where are your hormone status naturally changes such as puberty, pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause.

YOU are not broken if you experience symptoms during this time, nor should these normal states be treated like a disease.

If you are suffering with symptoms, it is because your hormones are not balanced.

Balancing your hormones will usually settle your symptoms, and usually negate the need for medication which is the safe, cheapest way to go. 

The below is an example of a saliva hormone test result. This woman had been given HRT (estradiol) yet ALREADY had high estrogen.

SAm BEau Patrick Hormone Testing

Hormone imbalances may present in many ways:

  • Irritability
  • Low energy levels
  • An inability to relax
  • Weight gain, or inability to lose weight
  • Sleep issues
  • Fertility issues
  • Flushing and sex drive issues!
  • Menopause - flushes, insomnia, weight gain, low sex drive, depression, anxiety
  • Cancers affecting the reproductive organs eg: breast tissue, ovaries, endometrium

Trying to guess the hormone that is “out” is like trying to find the needle in the hay-stack. You may get it right, but even with over 33 years experience in reading hormone results, I still find it can be tricky and not easy.

Saliva testing for sex hormones (and even some adrenal hormones) is considered “Gold Standard.”

Unfortunately in many countries, including Australia, saliva testing is not covered by Medicare.

However a small investment into your health may one day save your life, or at least improve it!

The testing is simple and includes in the test kit:

  • A saliva test tube
  • Instructions on how to do the test
  • A reply paid envelope


I am offering a FREE 30 minute session with me via the phone to discuss your results!


What hormones are tested?

Who should do the Test? Women experiencing:

  • The change of life - menopause
  • Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO)
  • Endometriosis or heavy periods
  • PMS or irregular periods
  • Acne sufferers
  • Issues falling pregnant
  • Belly fat, or stubborn weight loss
  • Those with low energy levels, IBS, brain fog
  • Women feeling angry or irritable
  • Women suffering with unwanted hair

Men can do the test too Particularly if you...

  • Feel low on energy or suffer with depression
  • Have weight issues that you can't lose
  • Have fertility issues
  • Have prostate issues, including cancer
  • Suffer with performance issues

Maree did a saliva hormone test which helped her formulate a plan that helped her lose 8 kilograms in 6 weeks, resolve her aches and pains and depression.


NB: If you are on HRT or the Pill, ideally you would stop them so you get a true reflection of your base hormones.

Sudden cessation of HRT is not recommended so if this is you please contact Sam for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the test?

Testing the above hormones are best done on saliva testing.

Saliva testing has the advantage of reflecting non-protein bound, or  the "free" active hormone component.

Steroid hormones mostly bind to certain proteins in the blood. It is the free non-bounded hormone that is more readily available to your cells and best reflects your hormone levels.

Another benefit is being able to measure what hormones are absorbed, where as serum (blood levels) don't show you that.

What’s included in the hormone test kit?

Once you order your test kit you are sent a package with the following:

  • One small test tube
  • One reply paid express envelope
  • Request form with your details

Instructions come with the test but it is uber easy! Basically the instructions are outlined below.

On day 21 of your cycle, wake up, rinse your mouth with water, and generate saliva into the tube. Label the tube with your name and place in the pre-paid envelope and deposit in the mail box.

What happens after I purchase the hormone test kit?

Your test kit will be delivered to the address you enter on purchase. If you want a different address click the "Proceed to Checkout" button and enter your new address. (ie postal box, enter the details on purchase).

On day 19 – 21 of your cycle, you complete the test.

The lab takes approximately 2 weeks to conduct the testing.

When results are complete, Sam will email your results.

You will be sent a link offering to join a group style webinar to discuss your results.

Alternatively you can discuss with Sam the option of having a private consultation but this is at an additional cost.

Due to custom regulations the test kit can only be returned in Australia.

IE you can do the test over seas but must transport back and post internally. 

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