Hormone Testing

Are you wondering what on earth your hormones are doing?

Hormones, particularly sex hormones, can govern our life....

For the better or worse.

Saliva testing is the most accurate way to measure your sex hormones (not blood testing)!

If you are confused about any aspect of your life, including belly fat, weight that won't shift, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause and fertility.

Then this test is a MUST! 

Included in the testing is SEX hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

This package include a thirty minute consultation with me where we discuss your results and basics of managing them, including any recommended supplements.

What hormones are tested?

Who should do the Test? Women experiencing:

  • The change of life - menopause
  • Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO)
  • Endometriosis or heavy periods
  • PMS or irregular periods
  • Acne sufferers
  • Issues falling pregnant
  • Belly fat, or stubborn weight loss
  • Those with low energy levels, IBS, brain fog
  • Women feeling angry or irritable
  • Women suffering with unwanted hair

Men can do the test too Particularly if you...

  • Feel low on energy or suffer with depression
  • Have weight issues that you can't lose
  • Have fertility issues
  • Have prostate issues, including cancer
  • Suffer with performance issues

NB: If you are on HRT or the Pill, ideally you would stop them so you get a true reflection of your base hormones.

Sudden cessation of HRT is not recommended so if this is you please contact Sam for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the test?

Testing the above hormones are best done on saliva testing.

Saliva testing has the advantage of reflecting non-protein bound, or  the "free" active hormone component.

Steroid hormones mostly bind to certain proteins in the blood. It is the free non-bounded hormone that is more readily available to your cells and best reflects your hormone levels.

Another benefit is being able to measure what hormones are absorbed, where as serum (blood levels) don't show you that.

What’s included in the hormone test kit?

Once you order your test kit you are sent a package with the following:

  • One small test tube
  • One reply paid express envelope
  • Request form with your details

Instructions come with the test but it is uber easy! Basically the instructions are outlined below.

On day 21 of your cycle, wake up, rinse your mouth with water, and generate saliva into the tube. Label the tube with your name and place in the pre-paid envelope and deposit in the mail box.

What happens after I purchase the hormone test kit?

Your test kit will be delivered to the address you enter on purchase. If you want a different address click the "Proceed to Checkout" button and enter your new address. (ie postal box, enter the details on purchase).

On day 19 – 21 of your cycle, you complete the test.

The lab takes approximately 2 weeks to conduct the testing.

When results are complete, Sam will email your results.

You will be sent a link offering to join a group style webinar to discuss your results.

Alternatively you can discuss with Sam the option of having a private consultation but this is at an additional cost.

Due to custom regulations the test kit can only be returned in Australia.

IE you can do the test over seas but must transport back and post internally. 

Clients Feedback

I had suffered from sever PMT for 18 mths, progressively getting worse until I was at the point where for 12 days of each month I was an absolute nightmare to live with. The worst thing was that Icouldn’t escape myself. I had seen Dr's, had blood tests, been given medications-all to no avail. A friend of mine suggested I see a naturopath, I thought "what have I got to lose?" The deciding factor for me was that she is a registered nurse as well as a naturopath & being a nurse myself I knew she would be grounded.

Her name is Sam Beau Patrick & she changed my life. When I met Sam I was at my lowest point, she listened to me, really listened. She was certain I had a hormone imbalance even though nothing showed on traditional blood tests. Within 6 weeks of being treated by Sam I felt fantastic, I never thought I could feel so great so fast, she is truly an angel. Sam has written several books on hormone imbalances in women that are so scarily accurate you feel like she could be writing about all the things you have been going through yourself. I truly believe she saved my sanity because I really didn’t know how long I could continue living how I was living. I sincerely believe so many of us are living unnecessarily with these imbalances & having Sam on your show would be so beneficial for so many women, & I know it is something Sam has been striving for, for many months, & would be a dream come true for her-so deserving for someone that helps so many others with her knowledge & beautifully caring & compassionate nature. Kindest regards, Fiona


PMS sufferer

I just wanted you to know how fab I feel! I have lost 5 kilos! I weigh 58 kilos I haven't weighed that in I don't know how long??? I mainly have cut out sugar and just been eating really healthy. I am still loosing weight and not even trying! Went on holidays as well cant believe it. Thanks for getting me on the right track, I don't seem to have as many angry outbursts but still getting a bit of PMS. Sue Gold Coast


Menopause Weight Loss

Five years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance and was being treated by the 'medical' world and being prescribed medication after medication. I knew deep down that there must have been a better way to treat this condition so I reached out to Sam when I found her being featured in a Fitness First magazine. Through Skype, Sam took the time to get to know me and rather than treating the problem, she treated the root of the problem and looked at changes in my lifestyle. From that point on, my period returned naturally, my skin improved, I was able to reverse insulin resistance and fall pregnant. Even when everything was better, we experienced an early miscarriage and Sam knew exactly what I needed to fix. A month later, I was expecting again and can happily say I gave birth to a baby girl four months ago. Thanks for everything Sam, this journey to health wouldn't have been the same without you.


PCO, Acne, Ferlity

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