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these are some resources I have found over the past few months that have helped me make decisions. These are not to replace the need for a private consultation to discuss your personal situation are general in nature.

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PS Never underestimate your body's ability and Mother Nature

PSS I recommend the hair test as a wonderful indicator of how your health is tracking. You can order it here. 

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3rd December 2021

New Zealand's experience click here.

BHP lose to its workers. Pivotal. Click here

2nd December 2021

Awesome interview click here

1st December 2021

Great advice on how to write a letter that makes sense. Click here.

30th November 2021

Great sites and movements.

Voices 4 Choices support, connection and freedom of choice click here 

Parents with Questions : click here 

Tom Barnett TV click here

Medical movement by Dr Judy Wilyman click here

New art house film by Bridget BoVardia click here

Musician Shaun Kirk : Click here 

24th November 2021

Senator Gerard Rennick in parliament saying people who have had a reaction to first jab shouldn't have a second. Makes sense. Click here

The data in this is irrefutable published in Circulation (the world's revered cardiovascular medicine journal) click here. 

This in the Lancet showing that discrimination should be the other way around. (The Lancet is one of the top five medical journals in the world)

A doctor in the USA who has treated over 2000 patients with covid speaks out. This is how it went. 

Answer to yesterday's critical question, the government is now offering "reimbursement" for damages caused by mRNA drugs. Click here to find out how to apply.

19th November 2021

Today's critical question: Who is assuming liability for the experimental drugs being forced on people?

One senators reply to the pandemic bill which is now at a standstill ... is here. 

18th November 2021

Today's questions, as a bill goes to voting today in Victoria, which will change the landscape of Victoria and Australia for ever.

The answer to Mondays questions, was that the federal government can (and should) override the states. Click here for more info 

15th November 2021

Answer to yesterday's Critical Question the ingredients found in the mRNA vaccines is here. 

Today's critical question


14th November 2021

Answer to yesterdays Critical Question:

The WHO information as of today 14th November 2021 is this:


251,788,329 cumulative cases

5,077,907cumulative deaths

As a percentage this is 2% which includes India which experienced nearly half a million deaths.

Today's Critical Question:

13th November 2021

Answers to yesterdays Critical Question

Three viruses are checked. CDC info here. TGA here. 

Today's Critical Question:

12th November 2021

Today's question. Post your answers under my weather reports x

11th November 2021

So much change

Border no passport petition here. 


Italy changes Covid death toll. Interesting read. 


WHAT??? Watch this. 15 minutes to go... the bomb shell.


31st October 2021

LANCET admits - PCR testing is not the appropriate gold standard for evaluating a SARS-CoV-2 public health test.
For 1 year used the wrong methode to test people on covid 19

Very interesting patent findings click here

TGA reports of myocarditis and pericarditis in Australian young men until 28th October 2021 - 60 new cases in one week.

Excellent UK information on here.

28th October 2021

A video and interview with Senator Riordon about Victoria. Everyone needs to watch. 

26th October 2021

This effective medication has been used overseas with fantastic results according to this page, quoting:

"Uttar Pradesh, India with a population of 230 million went from 35,000 cases and 350 deaths per day to nearly zero within weeks after using ivermectin."

Yet it was banned in Australia on 10th Sept 2021. I am not sure why.


25th October 2021

Please have your say with the Australian Digital ID = this closes 27th October. Click here to find out what it is about and why you will want to have your say. Click here. 

Australian doctor, Professor Nikolai Petrovsky with a great interview. Please watch here 

21st October 2021

Information about privacy laws and health disclosure in the work place or retail outlets

Click here. If you can't access you might need to join here. 


19th Oct 2021 Class actions under way

Advocate me :

Maatouk Lawyers

Petition against AHPRA silencing health care workers Click here (until 27th Oct)

Have your say - Digital ID which will stop unvaccinated people entering Coles, Woolies and many other outlets. Urgent as closes on 27th October. Click here 

Vaccine Product Information Guides from Posted Sept 20th 2021

PLEASE NOTE since I have posted these from the TGA site. HOWEVER the website has changed and altered the information over the month of September.

Vax overview: The Covid Vaccine Dilemma PDF 2021 Sept

Moderna Spikevax - Product information and side effects here

Astrazeneca Vaxzevria - Product Information and side effects here

Pfizer Comirnaty - Product Information and side effects here 


18th October 2021

Spikevax approved by TGA in Australia for 12 years old and above, despite FDA NOT approving in this age group. The company does not support it's use in this age group (ie under 18 years old).

TGA approval click here 

FDA approval click here

Australian NPS saying it is not approved in under 18 year old. Click here


7th October 2021

Denmark and Sweden pause Spikevax use in under 18 year olds due to myocarditis and pericarditis. Click here. 

Health Check

Below is an example of a hair test and what it can offer. It indicates many of your vitamins and minerals etc. The test is simple, is done from home and posted to my PO Box. You have a result in 7 days (depending on Aust. Post). Click here to find out more. It is perfect for children as well.

hair test Sam Beau Patrick

Updated daily

14th October 2021

Information for Victorians click here 

12th October 2021

Petition against WHO and Australian gov to make unvaxxed people wear certain clothing, be detained indefinitely. Click here 


11th October 2021

Petition against APHRA silencing health care practitioners. Click here


9th October 2021

Victorian Police Krystle Mitchell speaks out on 9th October 2021. This needs to be watched by everyone. ETHICS, mandating and Victorian Police. Click here for full interview and support through here.

Fundraiser here for federal case that VIC police are doing to represent the citizens against mandating. Please contribute.


Side effects from Ambos


Blood results from Covid vaccinated patients


awakened UK


Police officer

Policeman appealing – now stood down


Qantas Pilot Speaks out


Lawyers active in this space:

Human Rights Commission letter 10.10.21 click here for drop box and instructions.

Maatouks LAw Group - Penrith Solicitors

AFL Lawyers:


World doctors speaking out on vaccines


Australian Indigenous speak out here


NSW law suit

vaccine petition


Useful site:

Canadian Covid site with lots of information. Click here.


Dr Tess EBM


Dr Michael Yeardon

A Final Warning to Humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon


Dr Andrew Wakefield on herd immunity


Dr. Nathan Thompson shows the impact of the vax on blood tests



Australian politicians fighting for pro choice

Tanya Davies

Craig Kelly

If you have post vaccine reactions

You need to report any side effect experienced after having a vaccine to your doctor and online to the TGA.

Why people may get side effects: 

FINDINGS from German doctor in August 2021. click here. 

Autopsy information presented by Dr Ryan Cole. Click here. 


Declining in your workplaceDecline-of-offer-V1.9

Report by Australian Fair Work Commission September 2021 click here

The Comedians Nailing it

JP nails it

Jason nails it