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Sam Beau Patrick

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    Do you find your emotions control your eating, and that you feel guilty or have little control over what goes in your mouth? Find out how to use foods to your advantage.

    8 weeks of eating plans and recipes, and weekly short clips explaining nutrition. 

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    One on One accountability coaching call with Sam, where you can discuss nutrition, exercise, mindset and more!

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    One of the most effective ways to boot undesirable habits is using transformational hypnotherapy. Sam will guide you to a deeply relaxed state where you can shift unconscious patterning and achieve your greatest desires. 

  • emotions

    Discover what drives hormone changes and how to manage hormones naturally with the Happy Female Formulae. 

  • happiness

    Participate in weekly group sessions when they are on offer - topics such as conflict management, meditation, hormone issues and Q & A style. 

  • lifestyle

    Learn powerful techniques to improve and make change in your life.

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    Discover life long tools that will help you relax, focus and stay clear into the future.

Online program including 8 week eating plans

Group talks

One on one Sessions with Sam Beau Patrick

Use for nutrition, hormones, life coaching

Bonus signed copy of Sam's latest book

Saliva Hormone Test (measuring estrogen, progesterone, tesosterone, cortisol)  

Hair Test (measuring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, toxicity levels and more)  


Eating plans only



4 x 67 weekly repayments

Short Program

Three x 45 mins

coaching sessions




 6 weekly repayments of 267

Comprehensive Program

Six x 60 min sessions

*** BONUS *** 



8 weekly repayments of $457

 *** BONUS **

Use up to two of the sessions for transformational hypnotherapy

Terms and conditions apply


Contact us now to book in for the program that will transform your life!

Please note we only accept suitable candidates. In order to do this we will arrange a free 10 minute session with Sam and if successful you will be offered a place. When emailing, please notify us of your name, best contact mobile (including area codes ie Australia +61), and a suitable time of day to call.

The group sessions are open to anyone upon payment.

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