Here’s What You Get with your Menopause Kick Start Program


The 8 Week Life Transformational Program

  • Program designed specifically for women to balance their hormones so you can experience abundant energy
  • 8 weeks of eating plans and recipes that are easy to prepare, nutritious and balance hormones
  • Lose weight without counting calories while enjoying happy hour
  • Use the exercise tips to stop the symptoms of flushing, insomnia and weight gain.

The Happy Female Formulae

  • Discover how to have a winning menopause mindset so you can shorten your transition time and get on with life and enjoying happy hour!
  • Discover how hormones change through menopause and what you can do to balance them
  • Recognise stress in your body and how to implement daily actions that lead to you being relaxed and feeling hortonomous

Menopause Video Series

  • Cutting edge videos explaining what menopause is and how to balance your hormones
  • 7 videos that inspire you to tackle menopause yourself, become hortonomous without medication and HRT
  • Manage your sleep, flushes and weight through the powerful suggestions

Menopause True There Were Side Effects

  • Best Selling Book explaining hormone changes in your body and what actions you can do to balance them
  • The menopause quiz is on page 22
  • Alternative tips to help yourself transition though menopause without HRT

30-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money Back Guarantee

Try out the Menopause Kick Start Programfor a full 30 days. In that 30 days if you feel it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a refund. 

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