Attn: Menopausal Beauty!

I’m about to share the secrets that enabled me to pass through menopause in 2 months, knocking at least 5-10 years off the average time while still enjoying happy hour!

In this Free Masterclass you’ll discover the secrets to balancing hormones, naturally and quickly so you can pass through menopause easily and have fun.

Sunday 28th May 10.30am Queensland time

You must register for this event as places are limited.

You will be sent a zoom link (and a reminder), but please put it in your phone as a reminder.

Places are limited & we don't want others to miss out 🙂 x

You will Learn:

  • What foods to eat during menopause to avoid belly fat so you can feel great in your swim wear.
  • What exercises to do during menopause so you have abundant energy to do what you love in life
  • The mindset you need tackle menopause to transition through menopause in under 6 months and stop flushes, weight gain and even pick up your sex drive!
Presented by Sam Beau Patrick The Health Queen Best Selling Author of Menopause, Celebrity Menopause Expert