Menopause Mastery

Say Good-BYE! to flushes, feeling flat & broken sleep

Discover how you can

Say goodbye to bloating and belly fat.

Say goodbye to flushing and broken sleep.

Say goodbye to low energy and a low libido.

Say HELLO! to the new you...

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Navigating menopause and the transition can be down right soul destroying and physically exhausting.


Night flushes, weight gain, low energy levels, itchy skin, low self esteem! YUK! No wonder women dread this time in their life.


What's worse is that it all seems to culminate in one large overwhelming crushing ball that lands on the most determined woman's chest right in the middle of the night sending her into a landslide of flushes and broken sleep... again!


But the good news is, it doesn't need to be like that.


In fact, with the right advice, the proven steps & actionable tips, you can streamline the passage of time through menopause quickly, safely and naturally.


You can shave 5-10 years off the average time of menopause by utilising my results-orientated techniques that have worked for thousands of women before you and continue to change the lives of women daily.


Why is this important?


Because life is short... And life can be really FUN on the other side.


I have put together all my knowledge, health hacks expertise into crafting the ultimate solution for women wanting assistance through the change of life.


My suggestions are easy to implement yet very powerful!


Find out more below to see if this is for you.


I have three tiers of empowerment so you can decide what is right for you.

What Others are Saying

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"Feeling on top of the world, like I did when I was 25-30. I've lost a good 10kg and wearing the things I like to wear"

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"The food is really easy to cook. Absolutely delicious meals. I feel 100% compared to two weeks ago and I've lost 3kg"

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"My life is absolutely magical now. I have so much energy, I am so alive and so alert, in just 6 short weeks"

Meet Australia's Leading Menopause Expert


It's lovely to connect.

I am not going to beat around the bush.

I went through menopause in six short weeks once I realised the night sweats were from a hormone transition and not a virus(!).

On top of that I am considered Australia's #1 Menopause Expert, helping thousands of women transition through this natural time in their lives.

You see, any symptom of menopause simply means your hormones are not balanced.

Flushes, broken sleep, dry skin and (you know where) can all be rebalanced with my secrets and proven strategies.

Your body is perfectly designed to go through this transition naturally, safely & quickly.

I can assist you with that part.

Read below to find the solution that best suits you.

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This is for you if...

  • You are throwing the blankets on & off at night driving your partner mad

  • Don't know what to eat & too tired to care

  • You are gaining stomach fat regardless of what you eat or do

  • Have low energy levels & don't care if you never have sex again


Choose the option that best suits you

Menopause Mastery Sam Beau Patrick

Menopause Mastery

  • 8 weekly eating plans & recipes

  • The Happy Female Formulae

  • Private Facebook Group Access

Sam Beau Patrick menopause mastery + zoom

Menopause Mastery + Weekly Support

  • Menopause Mastery Program

  • The Happy Female Formulae

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • PLUS 8 weeks of private group zoom support with Sam


    This program is unavailable at the moment. 

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The Complete Menopause Mastery Program

  • 8 weekly eating plans & recipes

  • The Happy Female Formulae

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • A saliva hormone test measuring estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol & DHEA

  • A hair nutrient test indicating vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, gut health, food intolerances

  • One sixty minute private session with Sam to discuss your results & to craft an individualised plan

Join thousands of women who trusted in Sam's proven methods so they could transition through menopause naturally & quickly!


" I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge, I am so relieved and have a total new lease on life for how to tackle some of these health have really changed my outlook on thing. Thank you so much, I just can’t express it."



Today I am a very happy, energetic woman loving life and love reading the new eyes that now look at me now.

I love Sam as much as I love life.  She has been my helper and continues to help and support where needed.


Kellie Burns

I now know, that all those unpleasant side effects of middle age, hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia and fatigue are fixable ! My advice to any woman feeling that she deserves more physical wellbeing is to put your hand up. 

There is a better way of being.


Start your self paced journey through menopause today or Accelerate it with Sam's Complete Menopause Mastery

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