Are you in menopause?

The change of life can be very daunting.

Especially when you hear horror stories, being told by doctors it takes 5-10 years and that you need HRT because of the message being relayed that "essentially you are broken."

Nothing could be further from truth!

Menopause is a natural time for your body - a normal time, where you transition from being fertile to infertile. That is all.

You are not broken and you were perfectly designed to do this.

If you are suffering with symptoms it is because your body is not making sufficient amounts of hormones, producing too many or not clearing them out of your body. 

With some help and understanding your body can produce these hormones - naturally, the way it was designed to.

The 34 Classic Symptoms of Menopause

Whilst there are 34 classic symptoms from itchy skin, aching body and rashes, these are the common ones:



Weight gain


Low sex drive

And of course unpredictable, changing periods.

You are considered to be post Menopausal when it has been 12 months since your last period. Symptoms can however persist with years.

Helping your body transition through this time will shorten the expected 5-10 years to a few months, or even weeks. Personally it took me 6 weeks once I did the saliva test and hair test.

The key thing to understand is if you are getting symptoms, that is because your hormones are not balanced.

Producing or clearing hormone excess requires that your body is well rested, in optimal health and your detoxification pathways are working well.

I offer a few options to assist women through menopause and having been through it myself know how draining it can be. My suggestion is to invest in yourself UPFRONT, get the information about your body NOW and start making plans and lifestyle changes to assist your body move through menopause safely, quickly and naturally.

Blood testing is quite inaccurate for determining the hormone imbalances and saliva testing is the gold standard. In Australia it is not covered by medicare but is worth the investment.

A hair test is a great way to determine what else your body may be low in, or any excesses.

These are some of the offerings I have for you to consider in hastening a smooth and easier transition through menopause:

1. Core Health Program

This is the perfect snap shot of your health and includes the saliva hormone test, hair test and a 90 minute private session with me going over your results.

You can find out more about this here.

2. Life Transformational Program

This is an on-line self driven program to support you through menopause. It has weekly videos, weekly eating plans and recipes and my Happy Female Formulae (which explains hormones, stress management techniques, food and more).

This program has massive success and at the moment includes a complimentary 20 minute implementation call. Click here. 

3. Coaching

If you would like one on one coaching and myself to walk with you through this time, I offer 10 weeks or 6 months programs (tests included). 

You can book a complimentary 10 minute chat to see if this is for you via this link. Please leave your best contact mobile and Sam will call at the appointment time. 

If you would rather reach out to my PA (Alex) please contact us via the link below. 

Thank you and here is to a successful, (UNEVENTFUL) menopause time. 

Sam xx

What They’re Saying


Amazing naturopath and person. Extremely knowledgeable and has helped myself and family enormously over the last few years especially in the area of menapause. Highly recommend Sam to anyone who is interested or needs a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

- Robyn Slade

It is a pleasure to share my experience since meeting Sam Beau Patrick. I realized that something was wrong as I was starting to see the glass empty instead of over flowing, and wanted to get off this merry go round. After my consult with Sam and having Saliva test down for hormone levels, we discovered that my Testosterone level was way too high. With Sam’s guidance it has been 6+ months and WOW feeling so balanced and renewed. Being in Business at times one has to wear different hats. Sam was asking me what I do to go from Business Hat to Wife Hat. When I get home from my business getting out of my work attire and change into 58 what Debbie likes to wear is how I make the transition. There are some days I will say to my husband that “I need to have a shower, then I will be back” This means have had a lot of negative situations that day, so having the shower washes them away and then wear something that makes me feel good. This may be PJ or a nice sarong what ever makes me feel GREAT!! Being in the Beauty Profession every day I am meeting more women who have skin conditions that are affected from hormonal imbalance or diet. Beauty and Happiness starts from within.

- Debbie Majella Nolan
The Door of Youth Anti Aging Clinic
Southport, Australia


Sam has created a winning mix of sound scientific based research, life experience and a good dose of common sense that makes this bible on menopause a must read for the modern woman.

- Dr Karen Coates
MB BS Dip Obs, RACOG, Member ACNEM, RACGP, Medical Practitioner

Ready for Next Steps?

You can book in a complimentary 10 minute call if you would like to discuss my programs through here. All offerings are outlined above or in my shop. 

I am looking forward to connecting more and helping you be happy and healthy, naturally.