Sam Beau

Nourish Your Soul- Bali Retreat

NB: we will miss the full moon this August…but will see it at about 90% full on the Friday night.

The sunsets and moons in Bali are amazing!

This is the outline for the upcoming Bali retreat.

It starts on Monday 20th August in the afternoon.

As long as you arrive mid afternoon you will be fine.

The retreat includes a call with me before hand to answer any questions you may have and a guide I have put together on what to expect.

This is the outline of the retreat program and is a guide only as some things may change when we are there.

Monday 20th

Be picked up by my driver Joe who will bring you up to our hotel. There is time to settle in, have a swim and catch your breath. Bali is beautiful and it will deliver you lessons and love beyond your understanding. That is why it is called Island of the Gods.

We meet in the restaurant area, with a welcome drink and meet other guests.

I will run through some cultural and travel tips and then explain the format of the retreat so you can get maximum out of it.

Our intentions for the retreat will be set and then it’s time for dinner.

We head off to dinner at a local restaurant set in a rice paddy offering amazing food.

It’s a relaxed introduction to life in Bali.

Tuesday 21st  Discovery day

You are welcome to sleep in and enjoy catching up in the cooler nights of Ubud.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant and always includes local fair (nasi goreng and rice) and tropical fruits, as well as other delights.

We have our first life transformational session by the pool.

I am all into “adult learning” and you taking advantage of the time to honour yourself, so swims mid session are encouraged.

We will discuss values at this important break through session. It is a session that I find will answer most people’s worries and anxieties in life, and offer them clarity for the first time for many.

There is some down time (AKA dream time) before we meet at the foyer for our discovery afternoon.

Can you image buzzing around an island in 50 year old jeeps with the roof top down?

It is so much FUN and having the roof top down means you  can hear all the sounds of Bali and connect to the locals.

We visit the chakra waterfalls (over 600 years old), the meditation college (over 1200 years old) and if time permits, we will fit in the Tegalalang Terrace rice fields from Eat Pray Love.

Bring sneekers, swimmers, camera, diary

That night, we head off to a local organic restaurant to try some incredible local fare. Vegetarians and vegans catered for.


Wednesday 22nd Create, yin and flow day


This is an earlier start for yoga at the Ubud Yoga Centre. Don’t worry about your skill set, it will be catered to your level and the stretch is amazing.

After breakfast we have another break through session with Sam focusing on our needs.

In life we can meet our needs through positive and negative ways, trying to identify which ones are in align with your higher self leads to a harmonious life.

We spend time understanding this and designing the life you would like so when you are back home you can set about creating it.

There is more dream time and time for massages today.

The afternoon is spend exploring yourself through art – and is often everyone’s favourite afternoon.

Dinner off for you to explore and I can make some awesome recommendations – I love the food in Bali.


Thursday 23rd   Nourishment


Today we have an early breakfast then meet for the markets and cooking class day. Ketut is a stack of fun and will show you around the traditional markets (not the tourist markets) and explain some of the many wonderful herbs and spices grown and used for medicine. It is then off to his very clean out door kitchen in the rice fields to cook up an 8 course degustation of local recipes, which of course, you get to sit down and enjoy before coming back to the hotel for the a relaxed afternoon.

The afternoon is off for you to explore and you might chose to relax by the pool, shop in town and explore the incredible shops of Ubud, or get another massage.

Friday 24th    Nature Day


One of my favourite days, this day includes yoga or another type of yoga-like session, depending on what is on, breakfast then a powerful session by the pool.

In this session we discuss time for us, how to nourish ourselves and how to keep ourselves “self-first”.

After our session it is off to explore.

If the river is flowing we can go white water rafting (the Ayung River is very gentle) and you will need extra insurance to cover this.

If not, we might go and see the water priestess. We can decide on the day what everyone wishes to do and I will try to cater for all.

You will need runners, swimming gear, camera

Later in the day we meet and dress up to go to wine tasting at one of my favourite restaurant, Bridges, then have an incredible dinner afterwards.

The restaurant overlooks a river and is a special place.

Saturday  25th    Putting it all together

After a sleep in and breakfast, we have our final session which includes a transformational guided meditation session.

You have time to pack and relax, before our retreat ends.

Joe will take you to your next on wards place – maybe staying in Bali longer, or back to the airport.


The retreat is loved by all whom attend and I would like to extend the same offerings to you.

Please feel free to send me inquiries directly or any questions you may have to here.

Thank you, Sam