Do you have anger issues? Are you suffering with unwanted belly fat?

Or maybe you have been told you can't have babies due to cysts on your ovaries!

All this is distressing but You can turn it around...

Having too much testosterone as a woman can be a curse,


I can show you how to turn it into your secret weapon.

The only hitch is, you need to know how and when to turn it on and turn it off.


Read on....


my name is Sam and I discovered years ago that I had an oversupply of the male hormone testosterone.

It actually didn't come to me in a light bulb moment, it came to me after I walked out on my (then) husband after a dinner party one night and after feeling a rage inside me that really scared the pants off me.

It scared me because I didn't see it coming, I had no idea what triggered it and when I went to get help NO ONE COULD HELP ME!

It all started on a Friday night a week or two out from Christmas in 2004.

Dinner parties and all that jazz

I had organised a dinner party with seven couples and it was themed "Christmas".

At the time I had two children aged 4 years old and 10 months old. I was running around as usual and wanted everyone to have a fantastic night and experience.

People started arriving at the house and I started filling their flutes with champagne. It was going to be a FUN night (so I thought)....

I decided to cook a ham, baked vegetables and an exotic dessert all of which I had never tried before.

After an hour, everyone was getting merry and I found myself stuffing the turkey.

"That" turning point...

The next few minutes were to change the course of my life for ever...

At the point that I had my hand firmly planted inside the turkey my ten month old crawled past and had clearly filled her nappy, which proceeded to fill the room with its distinct smell.

It rose up above the beautiful smells coming from the kitchen and I knew it needed attention.

What was about to happen over the next few minutes was to change the course of my life.

I called out to my "then" husband who was drinking some beer with our mates by the spa, ".. can you change M's nappy?"

He swiftly replied "no"

It was then I felt it.

It was like a tsunami threw my heart.

I felt enraged, defaced and belittled all at once.

I felt angry.

But it got worse.

After I realised he wasn't going to help me two of our male mates came into the kitchen and bailed me up.

They backed me into the corner and said "Sammy when you talk like that you sound like a bitch."

The words ripped my heart out.

Here I was, a successful business woman being told by two of my closest friends that I was a bitch!

I left the marriage 16 days later. Some from shame, some from confusion.

My journey to understand hormones

To say I was confused and lost is an understatement. I went to doctors, read books, looked on-line and couldn't find any information that was useful.

My doctor offered me anti depressants but I didn't feel depressed.

I saw reiki therapists, counsellors, more doctors and on it went but no one could explain the rage I felt and if it would come back again.

A few things started to happen a few months into my single parent life.

I noticed that the more I felt under threat the angrier I became.

This lead me to do a saliva hormone test and what I found was mind blowing.

Discovering I had too much testosterone

I discovered my male hormone, testosterone, was through the roof.

This explained a lot!

It explained why I struggled to:

  • lose belly fat
  • had pesty pimples
  • felt irritable and had a short fuse
  • struggled to relax
  • and a few years later - why I had whiskers on my chin (Shhh I know, ugly).

Putting together the pieces

I continued to find out more about testosterone in women and discovered there wasn't much researched nor written about it. I found a Professor Dabbs in the USA had done some studies on female in-mates and they all had high testosterone but there wasn't much information for day-to-day women about what increases it and how to control it.

I started to ask my clients if they too felt irritable at times and look for signs of high testosterone in them too.

Interestingly once I started checking saliva levels of my clients, I discovered many women did have high testosterone levels.

That's when I decided to write a book.

That book is called Beauty & the Beast Within and has been a number #1 best seller in Australia.

I have also been interviewed on national TV (Sunrise, Today, Today Tonight) multiple times about my findings and it has lead me to be a recognised expert in the area of testosterone in women world wide.

Today Interview Beauty and Beast Within Channel 9

Today Interview Beauty and Beast Within Channel 9

What Symptoms can you have with high testosterone?

Having high testosterone as a woman can lead to all sorts of things and these are only some of the following:

  • irritability
  • short fuse
  • anger
  • belly fat
  • poly cystic ovary syndrome
  • endometriosis
  • excessive facial or body hair (fore arms)
  • male pattern baldness
  • acne
  • infertility
  • skipped or no periods
  • fat deposit on the top of you back


sunrise 6

Sunrise Interview about Beauty & the Beast Within

Lean women can have high testosterone which made me start to question who and why we get it. This is what I found..

Women at Risk of increasing their testosterone

I have studies and researched this area now for over twelve years. I have presented posters at conferences, been on panels and been interviewed. I still run a busy clinic and this is what I have found with women and why our testosterone goes up:

  • If we feel under threat it goes up
  • If we feel everything relies on us , it goes up
  • If we are running late, not meeting deadlines, it goes up.

Testosterone in women also goes up if we:

  • Eat too many sugary foods or carbohydrates
  • Drink to much alcohol especially without eating
  • Work in male dominated environments
  • Do masculine activities
  • Participate in competitive sport.

Testosterone goes up if we are deficient in the following nutrients:

  • Chromium
  • Inositol
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

It can and will go up!

So is it all bad news?

Having high testosterone as a woman certainly can present issues and problems. It can be a deal breaker if you are trying to have children and currently is the leading cause of infertility in Australian women.

It can also be a deal breaker in relationships if you find you are too feisty and can't relax (guys seem to like being the men and struggle when we try to be... understandably).

AND it is a hindrance if you want a flat tummy, want to have clear skin without pimples and don't wish to pluck whiskers out of your chin every day. But is it all bad news?

I am happy to say there are some GOOD things about having high testosterone as a woman.

These include but not limited to and not always experienced:

  • Strong sex drive
  • Good muscle mass
  • Competitive spirit
  • Ability to fight and stick up for self.
Happy now days with three healthy children

Happy now days with three healthy children

So is high testosterone a bad thing?

Absolutely if you are trying to:

  • Have a baby
  • Want to have a balanced relationship
  • Want to relax and feel rested
  • Want to feel connected and happy

How can you manage the see-saw of high testosterone levels?

As I have mentioned there are pros and cons about having high testosterone.

Personally it has meant I have been able to cope with life's curl balls and feel a survivor. I have however had to learn how to switch it off, especially when I want to show my softer, more feminine side. this is not easy, and it takes practice.

Australian Best Seller Beauty and the Beast Within

Australian Best Seller Beauty and the Beast Within

The best introduction I can offer you to this balance is my book and solutions kit.

Beauty and the Beast Within covers what we have already discussed and more.

The book discusses the four tier approach you will need to employ to manage this. It helps you:

  • Reverse your high testosterone levels without pharmaceuticals
  • Control unwanted facial hair and avoid acne
  • Discover why it is OK to feel stressed and angry from time to time
  • How to lower testosterone in seconds!

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Found Out More about the Ground Breaking Information and TOOLS You will Need to Reverse this Hormone Imbalance (Specifically PCOS but also Endometriosis and others).

REVIEWS about Beauty & the Beast Within

Fertility Experts recommend Sam’s Book”

Dr Andrew Davidson

"During this time I have learned to listen to women and their inner most issues. I took great interest in reading Sam’s latest book. It helps explain why women are feeling the way they do. Often stress, food, lifestyle choices are not discussed when seeing a doctor, and this book explains why these things are necessary if hormone imbalances are to be amended. Sam’s holistic approach is important when dealing with hormone issues, especially Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and Infertility. You will find this book insightful, relevant and practical in helping you find hormone happiness."

Dr. Andrew Davidson, FRANZCOG. Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist Clinical Director, CFC-Gold Coast IVF Clinic. Medical Director, StemLife Pty. Ltd. Director, GD Data Pty. Ltd.

"Have the baby you dream about"

PCO treated naturally

Manage infertility naturally

"Kat was told she was infertile due to high testosterone levels. I am definitely more feminine and less aggressive and I enjoy it. I wish I had realised earlier in my life that something was not quite right, but I am happy to be on the right track now and enjoy sharing my story to raise the awareness that there is options and answers out there, you just need to look a little. And our result for searching is our beautiful baby boy, the result of much hard work and commitment.....but nobody can doubt he is worth it."

Kat, Luke and Archie 2010

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