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This podcast is for who want to design their most perfect, fulfilled life.

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You can be extraordinary Everyone can be exceptional and have exceptional health, wealth and happiness.

Some fluke it, some fall into it, but those who achieve these pillars day in day out, do daily actions that get them there and KEEP them there.

You can have an exceptional life full of meaning and love, and the start is discovering the daily steps and mindset.

I want to share with you all I know about being exceptional.

The patterns, the rituals, the mindset, the decisions that take you to the top .... and keep you there.

You see for years I was a cog in the wheel of mainstream health as an ED nurse and pharma rep for 20+ years and I loved it by the way. I think medicine, diagnostics, treatments are amazing. However mainstream advice aims for "average" and "lack of illness". Average health at best.

Now that's OK if you want to live a mediocre life, to wait until sickness bestows upon you and then you have to scramble back to the lap of safety and wellness with drugs and surgery.

This podcast is for the others!

Hop into Health is for those who want to live it UP!

Those who want a life of vibrancy, of joy, of extreme health, of balanced hormones, of happiness. Not just an average one that skirts around disease.

If you want to take life up a notch, listen in.

Weekly bite size topics to help you design a life of joy, happiness and peace for you and your family and loved ones

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Discover how to have exceptional health, happiness and hormones

I am a best selling author, artist, natural hormone specialist and mum and want to share with you bite sized yummy tantilising topics and tips each week to help you find your wings and life a life by beautiful design! 



  • Felt you have more to give except struggle to find time to integrate health and happiness strategies
  • Felt you are only receiving mainstream advice that will hold you back in status quo
  • Wanted new information that has substance and not airy-fairy to help you make decisions
  • Wanted a mentor that speaks your language, is relatable and real?

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