Chill Out or Burn Out (hardcopy)


Chill Out or Burn Out is a practical guide for busy people on how to relax and avoid burn out. It is the perfect guide for those suffering with adrenal fatigue.



Do you...

  • Have low energy levels?
  • Feel tired no matter how much sleep you get?
  • Fall into a slump after lunch?
  • Feel short fused at those you love?
  • Lie awake with aching bones and muscles?
  • Have little control over your weight?
  • Have belly fat that won't go away!

Then YOU NEED to read this book!

Modern day pressures and time constraints are making people feel rushed.

If you are not making a conscious effort to chill out, you may burn out.

This punchy book will explain the how, why and what to do to avoid burn out.


My journey to health and wellness really started about 8 years ago. Like a lot of women in their forties I wanted to lose weight not only to look better but to feel better and have more energy to be a better wife, mother and business professional. The problem was, after achieving this goal I was still missing the vitality and energy that I so desperately wanted. I was eating well, exercising, practising mindfulness and yoga but there was still something missing, Meeting Sam and conducting a series of tests which very quickly identified what was missing, I commenced a program of supplements which I have to say have turned my life around. I now know, that all those unpleasant side effects of middle age, hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia and fatigue are fixable ! My advice to any woman feeling that she deserves more physical wellbeing is to put your hand up. There is a better way of being.

Kellie Burns LREA

The gorgeous Sam has been my ‘go to person’ for all things hormonal for quite a few years.  The support and guidance she provided during a recent burnout was soul saving and I am extremely grateful to have had her in my life during one of those moments where life throws you a curve ball.  About 6 months ago a series of events left me feeling absolutely shattered, exhausted, and emotionally out of control….I had said YES to a work opportunity that in retrospect was not in line with my core values …I strayed away from what I loved doing because I felt it was about time I ‘should’ get a ‘real’ job….the work understandably did not build my joy or energy levels and I became increasingly stressed and exhausted…after 3 months my body literally exploded in the form of an abdominal hernia.  My recovery from surgery was incredibly slow and frustrated but in a strange way I was grateful that it had stopped me in my tracks and after some deep reflection I got back on track and continued to get back to doing the work I love in the way I love doing it.   Phew!!   But then came the Big M…I had been supporting women going through menopause as an Exercise Physiologist for years and I really believed that I would sail through it when the time came given I was relatively fit and healthy.  How wrong could a gal be!!!! Very quickly I became a sleep deprived, sweaty, teary, exhausted mess and I felt like I had lost control of my mental and physical health for the first time in my life.  The work I did with Sam helped me gradually shift my health back from this bleak feeling of burnout…with the help of supplements and giving me permission to prioritize my own health I have rebuilt my mojo, my joy and my energy levels.  I feel grateful to be sitting here today having regained my life force J  I now, more than ever, am fierce about designing a life that supports my health, enables me to support others and enables me to live well, laugh well and love well. Thanks Sam x

Shaned Gaffney