Complete Flat Stomach Program

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Harnessing support, proven plans, on-line fast track strategies and education, this program has a high success rate (> 87%) when followed.


Entry into Sam Beau Patrick’s Health Mastery Group (8 weeks zoom access & recordings, private face book support group)

Transformational Program (8 weeks eating plans, recipes, weekly health hacks and more)

Happy Female Formulae (on-line hormone education and empowerment course)



Core Health Program including the following:

A hair test (indicating vitamin, mineral deficiencies, food intolerances and toxicity levels)

A saliva hormone test (only available for Australian residents) We measure sex and stress hormones

1 x 60 minute consultations with Sam (done via phone or zoom) to discuss your symptoms and results, then devise a personalised plan to help you through supplements and foods

This package can be done from anywhere in Australia. 

Sam will discuss your past history, current supplements, medications and interpret your results. A short plan will be tailored for your needs including some dietary advice, supplements and lifestyle suggestions.

Once purchased you will be posted the saliva hormone kit and instructions for collecting the hair test.

NB: upon purchase please let Sam’s admin know if you are on HRT or taking the Pill as we will give you further instructions 🙂