COVID-19 Naturally


Discover natural ways to boost your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this eBook Sam highlights key foods to be eating, herbs and supplements.



COVID-19, a Novel Coronavirus, is changing the way we live in 2020.
The impact, the affects are still unknown but we are told it will affect thousands of people.
This is an eBook written by a published author, nutritionist and nurse on how to boost your immune system.
It includes:
> Food to eat more of
> Herbs to add to cooking
> Essential Oils and even supplement ingredients that may help you.

NB : This is not to negate the need for medical intervention nor a professional consultation to discuss your individual needs.

It was accurate at the time of writing

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Glenda Sigglekow
Enjoying your viewpoint

Enjoy listening to sensible & logical views. Don't always agree but that's good too as we're both thinking about issues from a critical standpoint. Keep up the good work.