Fertility Discovery Pack





  • After the latest fertility advice?
  • Wanting to have a healthy pregnancy and birth?
  • Undertaking IVF and want to enhance your chances of conceiving?
  • Wanting to know which vitamins and minerals you need to take during pregnancy?
  • Wanting to learn how to balance your hormones so you can conceive more easily?
  • Struggling to fall pregnant?

With infertility on the rise (in 2010, one in six couples were unable to conceive naturally in Australia) you need to know MORE about your body and how to assist it in this very natural process.

Unfortunately for many, they are suffering fertility issues that are not well managed medically and are being offered IVF as the only solutions.

Find out about ALL your options.

In Sam’s third published book on Fit 4 Fertility, she explains:

  • The X factor behind conception and why statistics and numbers can do your head in
  • What foods you can eat to ensure healthy pregnancies and healthy babies
  • How to read your body and cycle to optimise your chances of conceiving
  • How to improve sperm for healthy babies

The pack also includes a video of Sam and Dr Michael Flynn, fertility expert based on the Gold Coast.

Both are respected leaders in their areas and offer you some hot tips on how to make this time fun, enjoyable and successful and not stressful and fruitless.

With a success rate higher than the national average, find out what Sam suggests and start your fertility journey the right way.

This is what others had to say:

“I had a condition called PCOS and was told falling pregnant would be hard. We saw an IVF doctor and simultaneously we went to see Sam and started her fertility balancing program. Within 3 months we fell pregnant naturally! It was a shock to us and the IVF specialist. My pregnancy was fantastic and little Archie was born 9 months later. I highly recommend doing everything you can to make your body optimal for pregnancy” – Kat and Luke, Gold Coast

“Dear Sam I informed you that I had Endometriosis and that I had been to an Endometriosis Specialist and she told me to have Surgery which would have put us out $8000.00 . You subscribed to me 3 lots of pills folic acid for 3 months. You also stated that you would not be surprised if I were to fall pregnant after the 3 months (we had been trying for around 4 years). The first month after we tried we were unsuccessful and it tore me to pieces. However we tried again in the second month (not a lot I might add as I was still down from the previous month) and we are very happy to tell you that we are 13 weeks pregnant. We would just like to thank you so incredibly much for helping us in a much safer and healthier way. ” – Caroline, 28, Sydney


Hear what the two leading fertility experts in Australia have to say about improving your chances and current obstacles to a healthy pregnancy.

Dr Flynn is a fertility expert and will explain:

  • Common hormone issues and structural issues
  • The medical approach to managing fertility
  • Why pharmaceuticals are sometimes used

Sam Will explain

  • The natural way to manage hormone imbalances
  • And will motivate you to persist and combine the two if you are only doing medical approach.
  • Conception and pregnancy are the most natural things and needs a natural approach.


  • A digital copy of my book Fit 4 Fertility
  • A live recording with Dr Michael Flynn (Doctor and Fertility Expert), and Sam Beau Patrick (Nurse, naturopath and author)
  • A meditation CD download so you can recharge your batteries and design your most perfect day

Stop reading unqualified information on the internet and receive expert advice from two of Australia’s leading fertility experts.

Download now and find out how you can improve your conception and pregnancy chances today.