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With over 75% of couples presenting to IVF clinics suffering hormone imbalances, it makes sense to learn how to manage these naturally and safely before getting to these clinics. This wonderful book covers major fertility hormone issues for men and women and how to bring them into balance



Are you …

  • Curious about the best foods to help you conceive
  • Confused about what you can, should and shouldn’t be doing?
  • Or maybe you are already under going IVF and want to maximise your chances of having a healthy baby?

Then you need to read this book!

There are many fertility tips that can improve your chances of having a little baby.

In this book Sam, Natural Medicine Fertility Specialist, discusses:

  1. Foods to eat and to avoid : find out which foods help your body have hormone happiness, lots of anti-oxidants and be buzzing with fertility chemicals!
  2. How to manage common hormone issues: read about common hormone imbalances, how you would know if you had one and what to do about it if you do suspect you have.
  3. Why sperm isn’t as good quality as it used to be: find out why sperm is deteriorating and what your partner can do to enhance his sperm. There are many ways to minimise harm to sperm and even boost their potency!


Benefit from honest advice, from a woman who has been helping other hopefuls just like you, for over 28 years!

A mother of 3 children, a naturopath, a nurse, a mum, Sam offers you many gems to help you on your path to conceiving.

The book Fit 4 Fertility discusses why:

  1. One in six couples can not conceive naturally (and how you can avoid being one of these statistics)
  2. Why miscarriage rates can be as high as 30% (and how to help minimise your miscarriage rate and what to do if you do have one) 
  3. Less than 35% of couples have a strong understanding on when they should be trying for a baby (there is a whole chapter dedicated to explaining the nuts and bolts of the fertility cycle, in simple practicle terms)!


Some of Sam’s new mums:

After two years of trying unsuccessfully to fall pregnant, Sam helped me fine-tune my diet, fitness and stress levels. This holistic approach was, I believe, the key to me feeling amazingly fit & healthy, finally falling pregnant and having an enjoyable, complication-free pregnancy.

And from a mum told she would never have children… unless with IVF

I had a condition called PCOS and was told falling pregnant would be hard. We saw an IVF doctor and simultaneously we went to see Sam and started a hormone balancing program. Within 3 months we fell pregnant naturally! It was a shock to us and the IVF specialist. My pregnancy was fantastic and little Archie was born 9 months later. I highly recommend doing everything you can to make your body optimal for pregnancy.


What doctors say..

I have had the pleasure of working with Sam Patrick for several months. Her knowledge and experience in the natural therapy and nutritional medicine is exceptional and as a result I have referred a number of patients to her for further assessment and management of their clinical condition. A large proportion of my patient base are female and therefore the majority of these referrals have been related to woman’s health. In this respect I have found the combination of conventional medicine and natural/nutritional medicine to be very successful in treating these patients,

Regards Dr Lindsey Whittle And fertility and IVF specialists

Sam has written a heart- felt book from a professional and personal perspective. As she aptly points out the process of conception and pregnancy relies on many factors and whether the couple choose to do it all naturally or assisted is a couple’s decision. BUT in all cases, couples need to address the positive lifestyle decisions (exercising, eating well etc) that can be done simultaneously that will enhance all pregnancy possibilities.

Dr. Andrew Davidson, MB. BS (Syd) FRANZCOG, FRCOG, Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist

Why Hollie chose to keep her pregnancy as natural as possible.