Follow-up Consultation


Appointment and consultations with Sam came be made on-line. All sessions done on-line using zoom.



We spend one hour together on zoom discussing your health needs. This is only available for current and previous clients. Ie you need to have been enrolled previously in a program of mine, or had your initial consultation. 

The session can be used for:

Natural medicine advice (I will assess your health and offer supplement, food and lifestyle options)

Nutritional review (I will review your eating patterns/intake to make sure you are receiving what I think your body requires

Hormone review (I will review your hormone issues including menopause, PCOS, Endometriosis, Burn Out, Fertility) and offer suggestions around lifestyle, food and supplements

Immune boosting (I will review the people in your family to make sure they are covered as best as possible during this trying time)

Test review (I will give you my opinion and can review tests conducted by other practitioners if you would like a second opinion.

Once you book the consultation you will be able to book a time that suits you on my calendar.

If you cant find a time that suits you please email and we will find a mutably suitable time.


Sam x