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Great Hair, Skin & Nails are controlled by a balanced integumentary system. Yet Hair Skin And Nail problems can be extremely frustrating and tough to deal with



Are you worried about the condition of your hair, skin or nails?

Are wasting money on unnecessary supplements or body products?

Find out what your body really needs with this simple test!

This is latest state of the art testing in health and has been pioneered in Germany, now available in Australia.

You can find out accurately 96 bio markers.

How does it work?

Through a simple hair sample, your biomarkers are indicated so that you can have an optimization plan with simple nutritional recommendations based on what your body needs at the cellular level.

Great Hair, Skin & Nails Are Controlled By A Balanced Integumentary System. Yet Hair Skin And Nail Problems Can Be Extremely Frustrating And Tough To Deal With.

This New Report Is Designed To Help You Understand The Signs That May Be Manifesting In The Associated Integumentary System.

You Can Now Optimise Your Clients ‘Wow’ Factors, While Also Advising Your Local Hair Salon And Beauty Clinics Of Your New Reporting Services.

Each of us has a genetic heritage that determines the typical characteristics of his person, including the predisposition or not to certain pathologies. But as the Times wrote some time ago, "DNA isn't your destiny". That is, the DNA is not your destiny. Our genes are not immutable elements as pillars.

They are our genotype but there is also the phenotype , that is the expression with which the genotype manifests itself. An expression that varies according to many factors: diet, pollution, stress and other variables .

Examples of tested indicators:

  • Iron (which affects many athletes due to sweating) B12 or folic acid (common causes of low energy levels, facial pigmentation and eye floaters) 
  • If you have enough anti oxidants on board - your number one defence against oxidative stress
  • If you are balanced in minerals  such as magnesium, chromium, selenium and more.


This DIY hair test offers you the most accurate way of measuring your health without blood testing and pain!

Simply post some hair strands to Sam Beau Patrick to have your hair analysed.

Sam will personally review your results and make recommendations so you can have the BEST health possible.

The test also recommends foods to avoid, additives to avoid and a food detox program.

This test is perfect for all sexes and for any age.

This is a clip explains the hair test:

What the hair test indicates:

  • Vitamin levels
  • Mineral levels
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Omega fats
  • Amino acids
  • EMFs
  • Foods
  • Toxicity levels
  • Chemical burden
  • Microbiology (do you have  candida, viruses, bacteria)

The test is simple to do and YOU send it for analysing from home.

You can order it on line now and post in.

ORDER YOUR HAIR ANALYSIS Today to find out your key nutrient levels !

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