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Hair Test – Vitamins, Minerals and MORE!

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Excellent, accurate and easy to do.

This test indicates what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants you might be low in. As well as indicating toxicity levels, food intolerances (not allergy) and so much more. Read below for full overview.



Are you wasting money on unnecessary supplements?

Find out what your body really needs with this simple test!

The first and easiest test you can do with me (and can be posted from any where in the world), is a hair analysis.

Hair is a really good medium (ie part of your body) that contains information about what nutrients you have been absorbing and what things you are low in.

I use a test designed in Germany that it continually updated and improved.

Currently it measures nine different aspects of health including vitamins, minerals, omegas, proteins, toxicity levels, gut issues, EMFs, food intolerances and anti oxidants.

And put an end to wasting money on pills you don’t need!

This is latest state of the art testing in health and has been pioneered in Germany, now available in Australia.

You can find out accurately:

  • If you have parasites/bacteria or fungus (great for working out your gut issues)
  • If you are low on iron, B12 or folic acid (common causes of low energy levels, facial pigmentation and eye floaters) 
  • If you have enough anti oxidants on board – your number one defence against cancers and disease
  • If you are balanced in minerals  such as magnesium, chromium, selenium and more.


This DIY hair test offers you the most accurate way of measuring your health without blood testing and pain!

Simply post some hair strands to Sam Beau Patrick, Australia’s Health Queen to have your hair analysed.

You will be tested for vitamins, minerals, omega 3s, anti oxidants, chemical load and foods.

Sam will personally review your results and make recommendations so you can have the BEST health possible.

The test also recommends foods to avoid, additives to avoid and a food detox program.

This test is perfect for children, health conscious, people suffering low energy levels, IBS and cancer.

This is a clip explains the hair test:

What the hair test measures:

  • Vitamin levels
  • Mineral levels
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Omega fats
  • Amino acids
  • EMFs
  • Foods
  • Toxicity levels
  • Chemical burden
  • Microbiology (do you have  candida, viruses, bacteria)

The test is a perfect test for:

  • Irritable Bowel Sufferers – find out if it is caused by food, bacteria, candida and also what your B12 and folate levels are.
  • If you are fighting cancer and want to know what anti oxidants your body is missing (CoQ10, polyphenols etc) and if your vitamin D levels are OK.
  • If you suffer with a hormone imbalance such as endometriosis, PCO or infertility (discover if you are low on inositol, B3, zinc, SOD which all help balance hormones).
  • If you have allergies (this test highlights food intolerances, toxicity levels and low zinc)
  • If you want to lose weight and need to know what your chromium, magnesium and inositol levels are. Weight loss won’t happen if these are low
  • If you want to stop ageing! The BEST reason of all. Are you on track for living a healthy happy life?

The test is simple to do and YOU send it for analysing from home.

You can order it on line now and post in.

ORDER YOUR HAIR ANALYSIS Today to find out your key nutrient levels !


Click the image below to view a example of a hair test results.