Heart Tune Up




In these easy to understand presentations Sam will discuss heart health and help you understand more about this vital organ.

Two LIVE Webinars with Sam Discussing:

  • Webinar #1 Discover foods that enhance heart health, foods to avoid, specific positive exercises
  • Webinar #1 A deeper dive into understanding interventions, pros and cons and what is in your power to control
  • Webinar #2 Heart Health Protocols, supplements
  • Webinar #2 Emergency management, the role of defibs and life saving devices moving forward
  • All of the above are general in natural and do NOT negate the need for a professional consultation

Both will be run on Thursday nights Brisbane time at 630pm.

Webinar #1 Thursday 23rd March 630pm QLD

Webinar #2 Thursday 30th March 630pm QLD

Time Converter here.

These will be recorded for those who can not attend

NB All information is general in nature only and does not negate the need for a professional consultation.