Implant 2 Explant


The guide for determining if your implants are making you sick, empowering your with information to so YOU can make a decision whether to/or not to explant.



A guide to having implants removed

Do you:

  • Have breast implants?
  • Wonder if your implants are making you sick?
  • Have unexplained health symptoms?
  • Struggle with chronic fatigue?
  • Have an autoimmune disease since implanting?
  • Want to explant?


Read about other women's experiences

Natalie Durbin

Almost immediately after implant in 2002, I started falling asleep under my desk at work,  at traffic lights and mid conversation with people.  Soon after I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnolence and put on dexamphetamine/modafinil/Ritalin 5 times a day to help keep me awake throughout the day. Long story short,  that's how my life was for 16 years.  I explanted and bang,  the VERY next day I stopped my Ritalin and haven't touched one since.  I feel like I've been born again.  I get another shot at life after spending most of my 20's and 30's in a zombified state.  I explanted in August 2018 and strongly encourage women to follow suit. Natalie Durbin

Natalie Durbin

Katrina Scotland

I looked in to getting a lift, but then somehow got sold the whole implant idea instead.  To be honest, I was never that overly happy. Then a couple of months ago, the big wake up call was getting a letter from my surgeon saying that I had the implants that had been recalled due to causing a Breast Implant associated cancer or BIA-ALCL.  This was the kick in the bum I needed... the right-hand side had ruptured out of the capsule and was even going down into my armpit… I knew straight away, that I needed them gone ASAP. Katrina Scotland

KAtrina Scotland post op