Male Fertility Pack




Men and women both contribute to healthy happy fertility and babies!

With current statistics showing that infertility issues lie equally with the man as much as the woman, guys need to find out what to improve.


  • Have been told you have poor quality sperm or not enough?
  • Undertaking IVF and want to enhance your chances of conceiving
  • Wanting to know which vitamins and minerals to take to improve sperm
  • Wanting to learn how to balance your hormones so you assist your fertility options
  • Struggling to fall pregnant with your partner?

There can be a range of male-related fertility issues including:

  • low sex drive
  • impotence and erection issues
  • poor sperm quality
  • structural and mechanical issues

In this easy to understand pack, you receive Sam’s book for men explaining testosterone and other important facts guys need to know (and do) in order to have great sperm and produce healthy babies.

AND you will receive a candid interview with Dr Michael Flynn (fertility specialist) and Sam Beau Patrick


  • common male related causes of infertility and some treatment options
  • how to optimise male sperm for fertility
  • how to bring it all together and have a healthy baby


  • A digital copy of my book Keeping Up – The Tech Manual On Being A MAN
  • A live recording with Dr Michael Flynn (Doctor and Fertility Expert), and Sam Beau Patrick (Nurse, naturopath and author)
  • A meditation CD download so you can recharge your batteries and design your most perfect day