Menopause Naturally Discovery Pack

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Menopause is the time in a woman’s life where she stops hatching eggs and becomes infertile.

It is a very natural process and is best managed naturally.

If you are:

  • A woman between 45-55 years old?
  • Struggling to find energy to achieve anything in your day
  • Finding it hard to lose weight?
  • Experiencing changing periods?
  • Having hot feelings or flushes?
  • Have a low sex drive?
  • Body aches and pains

Unfortunately for the 60% of women who suffer with symptoms of menopause, HRT and drugs seem a valid option. Try supporting your body through this time with the plethora of alternative treatments available to your first.

With this pack, you will be able to manage menopause naturally:

  • Discover common symptoms and how to treat them
  • What hormones change and what symptoms they may cause
  • 5 different ways to manage flushes
  • and how to get your mojo back.


  • A digital copy of my book Menopause – True, There Were Side Effects
  • A meditation CD download so you can recharge your batteries and design your most perfect day

The meditation Audio is

  • Perfect to let your hormones balance out
  • Great for planning future events
  • And clearing your head and heart to create calm and help with anxiety and depression which are very common through menopause


Here’s what other people have to say about it:

“I came to Sam with bad anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalance. Sam’s put me on the right path with diet, lifestyle changes and supplements. I don’t know how to thank her as she changed my life!” – Menopausal Lady