Menopause Optimiser Program




Menopause Optimiser Program

Designed to give you an overview & start in menopause in areas of your

health, nutrition, hormones and lifestyle over 4 weeks,

gaining a snap shot of your current health status and planning a way forward.


The Menopause Optimiser Program Includes:

** 1 x saliva hormone test measuring estrogens (estradiol, estrone & estriol), progesterone, testosterones, cortisol and DHEA

** 1 x cell wellbeing hair test indicating your vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, toxicity levels and more

** 3 x 60 minute private sessions with Sam .

These session go for sixty minutes & are focused around life coaching, hormone balancing and nutrition.


** The Happy Female Formulae - five modules explaining hormones, nutrition, exercise and stress. This online program is a culmination of all the health hacks Sam knows about achieving optimal health.

** The 8 Week Life Transformational Program - eight weeks of eating plans, recipes, weekly heart, head and exercise tips