8 WEEK Menopause Program


A comprehensive on-line program that can be done from anywhere in the world. Designed to give you the eating plans, the inspiration, the education and the support to achieve belly fat during menopause.



Pass Through Menopause in 8 weeks shaving at least 5-10 years OFF the average time while still enjoying happy hour.

Start the new you today with results felt in days! 

1.    “ The 8 Week Life Transformation Program

Do you struggle with what to eat, what exercises to do or even where to start?

This program is designed for women going through the change of life and want to lose belly fat.

An online program outlining step-by- step guide to reducing menopause weight and balancing your hormones.

It contains everything you need to get started on losing weight during menopause and changing your life forever.

The recipes are mainly gluten and dairy free, are easy to prepare and allow substituting options.

Everything is laid out in layman’s language and easy to understand and follow.

Each week you emailed recipes, eating plans and short video clips to inspire you to embrace health once and for all.


2.    ” The Happy Female Formulae “

Do you struggle knowing what to eat and what eating plan to follow?

Or maybe you struggle to reframe stress in your life?

This program is designed to help you lift the glass floor on your health and happiness by understanding how to design your most perfect day. It includes The Health Queen’s Traffic Light System for managing stress, an explanation about hormones, nutrition module and more.

Delivered as an online program you can work through activities at your own pace.

3.    The Menopause Code. This is a very simple to follow guide for you during the 8 weeks. Designed to give you all the answers you need about menopause, you will be more confident, understand hormone changes, and have some ideas on how to balance them.

4.    Limited email support (90 days). Please understand Sam can NOT legally give any individual advice without a consultation. Email support is for general questions and in most parts will be answered by Sam’s PA, Alex. If she feels  you will benefit with a quick chat with Sam she can arrange it. Similarly, if you want to have a consultation with Sam, Alex can arrange this.

5.    Access to Sam Beau Patrick’s private Face book support group throughout the 8 weeks. You will feel a part of her inner community where many women share similar frustrations and fears. We want you to succeed and understand peer support is an important step.






Friday 16th November 2018 ****

Wednesday at 12pm (Queensland AEST time) join in on Sam’s inner mentoring group.

On these weekly group style talks Sam discusses topics ranging from mindset, how to manage anxiety, dieting, exercise, meditation, stress management just to name a few. These highly successful group chats are attended by women all around the world and allow each person to express themselves and to have additional support. 

They are recorded for those who can make them live and for a limited time you will have access to all previous recordings (Valued at $400).


Menopause- True there were side effects (digital copy, valued at $11.95)

This bible on menopause and what to expect was written for Oprah’s Australian Show – Sam was told she was going to be interviewed by Oprah in 2011 so she put together this amazing book.  With contributions for acupuncturists, doctors and clients, Sam makes understanding  the hormone changes and what you can do to pass through this time unscathed easier than ever before. Find out if you are suffering one of the 34 common symptoms (page  ) and discover what teas you can start drinking from home to balance your hormones and flushes.


Beauty & the Beast Within, The Hormone Changes Making Women Wild (digital copy valued at $11.95)

This best selling hormone ebook breaks down women’s hormones, why they are rising in young women and working women, and how to drop testosterone.

This break through understanding of high testosterone in working women has seen Sam interviewed on national TV seven times.

Working women and stressed women are changing their biology and science and research are at least 10 years behind understanding it. Find out what 4 things you can do from home to balance high testosterone and how to help model your daughters to avoid poly cystic ovary syndrome.


 Keeping Up – the tech manual on being a man (digital copy valued  at $11.95)

Sam’s fifth published book has been written for men, but understanding most men don’t read, it is ideal for you. With prostate cancer, heart disease and depression in 70 year old males, being the highest at risk group, understanding how to help our fathers and husbands is critical.

Read page 54 for the 12 steps every man should do daily and what supplements are recommended for preventing heart disease and depression.


MP3 Stress Buster Meditation – Download for your phone or ipad (valued at $40)

Listen to morning and night for wonderful results. You can have the life and experiences that you desire simply by becoming clearer in your mind on what that would feel and look like.

Daily meditation allows your mind and brain to synchronise with these beliefs as you move closer to actualising them. Relax your body and mind to remove stress. The most successful people in the world have been using this technique for years.


Sam wants you to be thrilled with the program and your results. The 8 WEEK Menopause and Flat Belly Program is an opportunity for you to transform your life from average to amazing. Use the weekly sessions to be inspired by Sam and have accountability and the on-line programs to design your eating and exercise regimes.

You can of course have additional coaching and support by joining Sam’s mentoring group. Email her PA here to discuss further.

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