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With six to eight in ten women going through the change of life experiencing awful side effects such as flushing, insomnia, low sex drive, weight gain, harnessing natural solutions to balance hormones can change the who experience. 

Discover what these tips and tricks are from Australia’s leading menopause expert



60% of Women SUFFER with Unnecessary Menopause Symptoms

Why be one?

Discover natural and alternative ways to manage Menopause!

All by yourself.


  • About to enter or going through menopause
  • A woman between 45-55 years old?
  • Struggling to find energy to achieve anything in your day
  • Finding it hard to lose weight?
  • Experiencing changing periods?
  • Having hot feelings or flushes?
  • Have a low sex drive?
  • Body aches and pains

Then you need to read this best selling book (digital or printed format - you chose)!

You will learn about :

  • Menopause hormones and the changes taking place in your body.
  • Certain foods to increase during menopause
  • And foods to avoid in menopause!
  • What alternatives you have to support your body through menopause
  • The debate about bio-identical hormones, HRT or natural

Menopause is not a disease!

Find out how to help yourself during this transitional time.

Written by natural medicine hormone expert Sam Beau Patrick for women going through the change of life.

"I came to Sam with bad anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalance.

Sam’s put me on the right path with diet, lifestyle changes and supplements. I don’t know how to thank her as she changed my life!"

Susanne Menopausal lady